Saturday, February 4, 2012

Traditional Dance (Final Presentation)

Don't be too surprise looking at the picture above, it's still me :) I personally like this malay costume so much as i never ever wear any malay traditional costume before, not even baju kurung or kebaya. 

To clear your doubt for those who's wondering why i dressed up like this, i had my traditional dance final performance a month back.My group chose to perform pure malay dance, that's why i wore like that. Looking good right? Haha! All the hardwork finally paid off on that day. The presentation was supposed to be at night but due to some circumstances, cikgu brought forward our presentation to afternoon (430pm) & we got to be prepared since 1130am

Before putting make-up & accessories

 Seriously, this dress was so tight! I mean i wore quite a few layers. Well, traditional costume suppose to be like that right? The corset i wore was super tight, i need to take a hard breathe so that it can zip properly! :(

Fully dress-up, together with my groupmates :) We performed different kind of malay dance, so we dressed up differently!

The guys performed another dance called Joget!

My dance mates! We practised so hard because we're quite last minute. Haha!


The korean girl from another group whom performed indian dance! Love the indian costume & accessories so much.

Friends that came to support us :)

Not to forget, my babyboy! I forced him to come actually, haha.

Group picture of all of us. Appreciated the time we practised dance together, we passed the Zapin, Inang & Joget test together before these final presentation. This final presentation may not be that good but definitely it's the best work we did among all.

You guys ROCKXXX! 

This was indeed a good memories. I enjoyed my time in the class, not to wait the time to pass, but hoping for the class not to end that soon. Also, glad to met you guys :) You all are cuteeee.


mei sin said...


Leanne said...

thankiu meisin :)

Munix™ said...

wow.. well I'm googleling a material about malaysia traditional dances until I came here.. its pretty

huh, I got to prepare too, my next final is the end of april

whre do u study? Aswara colleague ?
btw I'm taking dances in MMU :P

Leanne Lee said...

Hi Munix, thanks for dropping here :)
I'm students from MMU as well, nice to meet u here :)