Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia

I don't usually blog about things happened in my country, i only blog personal stuff. But, after seeing all the news about Lynas, i feel like writing my personal feelings about this hot current issue in Malaysia. 
I supposed every Malaysian who stays in m'sia knows about that. 

"Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia"
People are very concern about this Lynas which happened in Kuantan, Pahang.As what i know, this issue has been discussed quite some time ago. But i dont know why, or perhaps i seldom read newspaper, this issue suddenly become not so "hot" as what we called. And suddenly, it popped out again.

So, what you know about Lynas?
Let me educate you a little about this, i googled it myself anyway.

1. Question: What is Lynas?
 Lynas is an australian company that's buidling a $230 million rare earth processing plant in Kuantan and it got approved my our Malaysian government.

2. Question: What is "rare earth"?
As what i understood, it's about something that you & I heard before - RADIOACTIVE! So, what this Lynas plant do is remove the radioactive elements from the rare earth minerals. In short, radioactive elements will be removed resulting a huge amounts of radioactive waste.  From what i read, Malaysia used to have one rare earth refinery by Japan's Mitsubishi group, in northern Perak State ( Bkt.Merah), MY STATE! What a thing. It was already closed in 1992 following by protests. It was one of the Asia's largest radioactive waste cleanup sites.

3. Question: So, how do they dispose all these radioactive waste?
The radioactive waste will be disposed in MALAYSIA, MY COUNTRY! Lynas is not sending the radioactive waste back to Australia. 

4. Question: If it were disposed in Malaysia, where will it be disposed?
I read up some news saying it will be disposed into the South China Sea but some said another place. I've no idea about that. but, please my dear government, please don't ever do that! Don't you know the effects of radioactive? Don't you have those "expert researcher" to research about all that. Well, even a primary school kids know radioactive can affects people next to a few generation and you people only concern about $$? i'm not sure though. 

5. Question: What are the side effects? 
 Radioactive can caused birth defects(K-shape) and leukemia (白血病). The exposure of radiation affects fertility. Radioactive waste will only get less as it gets further but they will not stop. Meaning, even if u're thousand miles away, you still get the probability of enduring the risk.  By the way, the dangers of radioactivity and radiation were not immediately been recognized.

 I believe if every Malaysian voice up their thoughts, work it out to stop Lynas, there will be miracles.  I can't show my support by attending the perhimpunan 2.0, but at least the thing i can do is I SPEAK IT OUT! Don't think that we're youth, we can't do anything. We need to ight for the people, fight for a better environment, fight for out future & next generations. 

So, people do something!
"Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia"

p/s: Watch this video if u've time, i saw my friend shared it in facebook. It's actually a video regarding a mom taking care of her son who got effects from the radiation happened in Bukit Merah. I cried after watching the whole video.
Be grateful for who you are!


Henry Tan said...

haha but do u know that most of the latest product use rare earth? Ipod, Iphone, LCD tv, hybrid car, etc.

so if really wanna stop, den stop using those high tech stuff. =p

or atleast propose another new material rather than just keep saying no. =p

p/s no offence, just my opinion. =p

ermie said...

nice post (: