Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour, Kuala Lumpur

Avril Lavigne
She used to be my idol when i was 14. I fell for her ever since i heard "Complicated" and "Girlfriends".
She's so cool; She's so rock.
and one thing, she never get any older after like 10 years?
thanks to the smokey-eyes she always wore on her face, i never realize she's getting old like seriously. haha!

Do u know what else could represent her in my mind? 
Answer: The pink skeleton

I remembered she came once to Malaysia when i was 15, she had a concert here and i could barely remember i saw the advertisement on 8TV. How i wish i can go that time but it was like a miracle. 
After like 6years, she's finally BACK! I knew it like 1+ months ago before her concert (18th February 2012). I wanted to go but i knew my exam will fall exactly around that time, exam schedule is not out yet, so i gave up not to go. 

Fortunately, a friend of mine was selling off his rock zone's ticket due to it clashed with his party. He got no choice but to sell it in a cheaper price, and i saw that! Heees :) I quickly messaged him and said i want it. The original price for the ticket is RM198 and i got it for RM130. The first thing came across my mind after i reserved the ticket was: "Who the hell i'm gonna go with?" Well, definitely not my boyfriend & i don't want to go with him also. Haha!

I went with one of my girlfriend in my uni, she was once her fans too :) That was our very first time going for an outdoor concert. I went for Justin侧田 concert in Genting 2-3 years before, it was a indoor performances. We're afraid of the queue so we decided to reach Stadium Merdeka around 5pm. 

This is what she wrote for me the before the concert:
"if super crazy fans then will queue from 8 am
less crazy fans will queue at 12pm

normal fans will queue at 5pm"
Then i immediately said: "Okay lah, we're normal fans, so we go around 5pm".

Unexpectedly, when we reached, the queue was rather short. Hooray! :D 
but bad thing is we've got to wait for like 2 1/2 hours before the gate open -.-' 
guess what we did to kill the time? Gossip, not camwhore!

Something did happened that screwed me up so badly. I actually rise up my voice when i talked to those crew. Lesson learnt after that and i swear i'll never gonna repeat the stupid mistakes any-freaking-more! 

Concert was awesome, everyone was jumping when she starts singing. KL was the last stations for her Black Star Tour, how glad i was there with her. Heees :)
You're still as pretty when i first knew you, Avril. You're still that rocks.
Oh yea!

Hearts you! ♥

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia

I don't usually blog about things happened in my country, i only blog personal stuff. But, after seeing all the news about Lynas, i feel like writing my personal feelings about this hot current issue in Malaysia. 
I supposed every Malaysian who stays in m'sia knows about that. 

"Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia"
People are very concern about this Lynas which happened in Kuantan, Pahang.As what i know, this issue has been discussed quite some time ago. But i dont know why, or perhaps i seldom read newspaper, this issue suddenly become not so "hot" as what we called. And suddenly, it popped out again.

So, what you know about Lynas?
Let me educate you a little about this, i googled it myself anyway.

1. Question: What is Lynas?
 Lynas is an australian company that's buidling a $230 million rare earth processing plant in Kuantan and it got approved my our Malaysian government.

2. Question: What is "rare earth"?
As what i understood, it's about something that you & I heard before - RADIOACTIVE! So, what this Lynas plant do is remove the radioactive elements from the rare earth minerals. In short, radioactive elements will be removed resulting a huge amounts of radioactive waste.  From what i read, Malaysia used to have one rare earth refinery by Japan's Mitsubishi group, in northern Perak State ( Bkt.Merah), MY STATE! What a thing. It was already closed in 1992 following by protests. It was one of the Asia's largest radioactive waste cleanup sites.

3. Question: So, how do they dispose all these radioactive waste?
The radioactive waste will be disposed in MALAYSIA, MY COUNTRY! Lynas is not sending the radioactive waste back to Australia. 

4. Question: If it were disposed in Malaysia, where will it be disposed?
I read up some news saying it will be disposed into the South China Sea but some said another place. I've no idea about that. but, please my dear government, please don't ever do that! Don't you know the effects of radioactive? Don't you have those "expert researcher" to research about all that. Well, even a primary school kids know radioactive can affects people next to a few generation and you people only concern about $$? i'm not sure though. 

5. Question: What are the side effects? 
 Radioactive can caused birth defects(K-shape) and leukemia (白血病). The exposure of radiation affects fertility. Radioactive waste will only get less as it gets further but they will not stop. Meaning, even if u're thousand miles away, you still get the probability of enduring the risk.  By the way, the dangers of radioactivity and radiation were not immediately been recognized.

 I believe if every Malaysian voice up their thoughts, work it out to stop Lynas, there will be miracles.  I can't show my support by attending the perhimpunan 2.0, but at least the thing i can do is I SPEAK IT OUT! Don't think that we're youth, we can't do anything. We need to ight for the people, fight for a better environment, fight for out future & next generations. 

So, people do something!
"Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia"

p/s: Watch this video if u've time, i saw my friend shared it in facebook. It's actually a video regarding a mom taking care of her son who got effects from the radiation happened in Bukit Merah. I cried after watching the whole video.
Be grateful for who you are!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Merdeka's Day

Year 2, Sem2 officially done! 
I had 6 papers within 4 days, how pathetic but no worries, i'm done with all that, heees :)

Anyway, I smell holidays. 
Avril Lavigne's concert, Tao's dinner, Singapore, Ipoh, Baby Brennon fullmoon dinner,Kampar,Orientation, i'm coming to you soon. 
Stay tuned.

p/s: Chinese New Year Post up right next.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The V's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all :)
Wishing you guys had a great time with your partners and i would like to express a little of my feelings towards my boy here =*
I know he'll be reading this, so yeah, don't keep laughing when u read alright? Haha.

 Thank you for loving me so much, you've always said you love me more than i do. Somehow i think that's true? Hmm.You've been pampering me so so much, i'm like a queen for you :) I said yes, you won't say no.You'll try your best to make sure i'm happy anytime at anywhere.

I knew i've super lots of bad attitudes but you've always bear with me,you're always the one apologizing to me first even though u did nothing wrong.You know what, i'm overly pampered by you & i've always depends on you now. Whenever i go, i just want to go with you & stay by your side.

I seldom say "I Love You" to you but i've always said that to my friends. Haha!
Silly boy, i'm loving you more & more as time goes by. Hopefully our relationship will last long :)

I'm always glad to have you 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Should I/Shouldn't I?

 Should i buy a domain for myself? I've been wondering for quite some time =(
i'm not a famous blogger or whatever it is. I just feel like owning a blog which named after my name., isn't okay?
any opinion?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Up Up Here We Go - Genting Highland

Right before my final dance presentation, my pwc presentation, my bmg presentation & due date of my report, i went to Genting with my bunch of buddies! I was thinking should i join them at first cause i was real busy, but after considering about all these bullshitting stuff, i decided to go just to relax and have fun with them :)

Not going to write much since pictures will do for me. I'm lazy and i should be studying right now yet i'm here to blog. Heees :)

The diam-diam ubi berisi boy

My favourite girls as usual, how could i left them out?

One of my favourite iphone apps, action cam!

This guy has been missing in action in my blog for a long long time, Wing Fei.


#Double chocolate-chillax time

#loitering around Genting

Eqing: Gong Xi Fa Cai
Wilson: Mana duit aku?

Did something real stupid at the entrance of theme park. Can u spot a "dragon" on the pic below? Hahaha! We did record a video as well, it's with me, still not uploaded yet. Crazy gang i have! <3

Alchol & gambling time at hotel room! Liquor doesn't suits me. #2cups-farking drunk!

He's the first one who get drunk! Haha. Worst than I.

Winner of the game-Sharon Karlin Teo

#Day 2, i was expecting to have outdoor activities with the gang yet we all got up so late. So we decided not to go for outdoor =( It has been about 2 years since i last went to theme park.

They're trying to act like #something, i dont know.

Cantik sekali 



last but not least,YOUUU! yes, the one who reading this, thanks for reading :)

CNY post right next! :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Traditional Dance (Final Presentation)

Don't be too surprise looking at the picture above, it's still me :) I personally like this malay costume so much as i never ever wear any malay traditional costume before, not even baju kurung or kebaya. 

To clear your doubt for those who's wondering why i dressed up like this, i had my traditional dance final performance a month back.My group chose to perform pure malay dance, that's why i wore like that. Looking good right? Haha! All the hardwork finally paid off on that day. The presentation was supposed to be at night but due to some circumstances, cikgu brought forward our presentation to afternoon (430pm) & we got to be prepared since 1130am

Before putting make-up & accessories

 Seriously, this dress was so tight! I mean i wore quite a few layers. Well, traditional costume suppose to be like that right? The corset i wore was super tight, i need to take a hard breathe so that it can zip properly! :(

Fully dress-up, together with my groupmates :) We performed different kind of malay dance, so we dressed up differently!

The guys performed another dance called Joget!

My dance mates! We practised so hard because we're quite last minute. Haha!


The korean girl from another group whom performed indian dance! Love the indian costume & accessories so much.

Friends that came to support us :)

Not to forget, my babyboy! I forced him to come actually, haha.

Group picture of all of us. Appreciated the time we practised dance together, we passed the Zapin, Inang & Joget test together before these final presentation. This final presentation may not be that good but definitely it's the best work we did among all.

You guys ROCKXXX! 

This was indeed a good memories. I enjoyed my time in the class, not to wait the time to pass, but hoping for the class not to end that soon. Also, glad to met you guys :) You all are cuteeee.