Friday, January 20, 2012

Cyberpreneruship project

As what the mmu students know, we're required to take a subject called - Cyberpreneurship (CyberP). I'm not so sure other faculties take this subject or not but i'm pretty sure business students have/must take it. Basically, it's a project-based subject, we don't need to sit for final, midterms etc. All we need to do is work out a business proposal then run your business.

Since most of the seniors said it's a very-easy-to-score subject, so we just want to make it simple & easy. We decided to sell some snacks :) After a long discussion, my group decided to sell curry fish balls, herbal eggs & fresh fruits. 

The name of our enterprise is - The Quench! :) and photo below is our enterprise logo. Cute right?

Homemade curry fish balls & herbal eggs :) not to mentioned, we're one of the best seller compare to others, hahaha! We rent a booth in Misri Plaza & we operated our business for continuously 4 days. 

They called me 水果妹 (fruity girl) because i'm the one who cut the fruits. Haha! Actually i'd got other partners also. Each of us have our very own nickname during that 4 days (19/12/2011-22/12/2011). Before that, i did asked my mom how to cut watermelon, and so on. I'M FAILED right? i know how to peel/cut small-size fruits only :)

Chee Wei & I, my identical twins of the day.

The making process.

There were some funny stuff happened all the time, like a boy from China bought 20 eggs from us. He said his friends can finished all that. Oh my god! He & his friends are our loyal customers, they came almost every day :) They also said we can used our "beauty strategies" to attract customers.

Last but not least, thank you my groupmates for being so cooperative. I think we did quite a good job.

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