Thursday, January 26, 2012

Career Fair 2012

Career Fair is an annual event of mmu, i passed the interview & i was selected as one of the public relation committee for these event. The high com used about half a year to do all the preparation. What we PR(s) do is to call 30-50 companies asking them to join career fair.

I was assigned to "babysit" Telekom at first but i requested to change, and they arranged me to Hewlett-Packard (HP). The staffs are so friendly & they did offer me an internship at HP. Heees :) Most of the staffs said i should have study marketing instead of management because i'm able to talk, to social etc. In short, i'm talkative & outgoing? My internship will be on this coming June, career fair is one of the path for me to look for my attachment :) 

Thanks to Career Fair, two companies offer me an internship without me submitting my resume. It wasn't something i wish to work at but i felt real happy for that :D Will see how after 3-4 months since it's abit too early to talk about that.

Not to forget, i've met some new friends there! 

Hope to join back next year as PR as well :)
It was a very successful event & i'm looking forward for the appreciation dinner.

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