Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blessed 20th ♥

Oh yes, this is an overdue post which already happened  month ago, yet i still decided to write it here because it was simply awesome :) Ok, as what written on my previous post, december was so happening because it's my month - my birthday. I'd been awaiting for like whole year and finally the day has arrived :)

 First surprise celebration was given by all my girlfriends. Boyfriend planned all these & seriously i never thought of  all these because my boy isn't romantic so he wouldn't do that.(#for what i feel). Boyfriend blamed me because he couldn't reached me at 12am. Haha! i was busy on phone and he only managed to call in like after 20 minutes?

p/s: This post is gonna be full with pictures, i hope you enjoy it :)

Headed to mcd after that because we people made so much noise until somebody threw something out from their house =/ Could be forgiven because it's midnight already, so sorry! 

Second birthday celebration was given by my babyboy :) As what i requested, we went to Poco Homemade which located somewhere around Bangsar. I always wanted to go there cuz i love their environment so much :) All their stuff are homemade and it looked so adorable for me.

Baby got me this as birthday gift, a pendant from Thomas Sabo. He knew i love Eiffel tower so so so much, and i used to have one before, that's why he got it for me. I'm wearing it everyday now :) Besides, he got me a Charles & Keith leopard printed purse as what i requested him to buy for me, haha! 

Second round- Levain! Macaroons time :)

Last celebration was given by my bunch of buddies in ipoh. The day after my birthday, i went back to ipoh & my besties decided to throw a belated birthday dinner together in Citrus Wine & Bar.

Lastly, thank you people for all the wishes,blessings,celebrations,presents, loves.
i'm so bless to have you people besides me.
not forgetting, thank you mommy,daddy, gorgor, jiejie for giving me such a blessing family.

Love You 

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