Thursday, January 26, 2012

Career Fair 2012

Career Fair is an annual event of mmu, i passed the interview & i was selected as one of the public relation committee for these event. The high com used about half a year to do all the preparation. What we PR(s) do is to call 30-50 companies asking them to join career fair.

I was assigned to "babysit" Telekom at first but i requested to change, and they arranged me to Hewlett-Packard (HP). The staffs are so friendly & they did offer me an internship at HP. Heees :) Most of the staffs said i should have study marketing instead of management because i'm able to talk, to social etc. In short, i'm talkative & outgoing? My internship will be on this coming June, career fair is one of the path for me to look for my attachment :) 

Thanks to Career Fair, two companies offer me an internship without me submitting my resume. It wasn't something i wish to work at but i felt real happy for that :D Will see how after 3-4 months since it's abit too early to talk about that.

Not to forget, i've met some new friends there! 

Hope to join back next year as PR as well :)
It was a very successful event & i'm looking forward for the appreciation dinner.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cyberpreneruship project

As what the mmu students know, we're required to take a subject called - Cyberpreneurship (CyberP). I'm not so sure other faculties take this subject or not but i'm pretty sure business students have/must take it. Basically, it's a project-based subject, we don't need to sit for final, midterms etc. All we need to do is work out a business proposal then run your business.

Since most of the seniors said it's a very-easy-to-score subject, so we just want to make it simple & easy. We decided to sell some snacks :) After a long discussion, my group decided to sell curry fish balls, herbal eggs & fresh fruits. 

The name of our enterprise is - The Quench! :) and photo below is our enterprise logo. Cute right?

Homemade curry fish balls & herbal eggs :) not to mentioned, we're one of the best seller compare to others, hahaha! We rent a booth in Misri Plaza & we operated our business for continuously 4 days. 

They called me 水果妹 (fruity girl) because i'm the one who cut the fruits. Haha! Actually i'd got other partners also. Each of us have our very own nickname during that 4 days (19/12/2011-22/12/2011). Before that, i did asked my mom how to cut watermelon, and so on. I'M FAILED right? i know how to peel/cut small-size fruits only :)

Chee Wei & I, my identical twins of the day.

The making process.

There were some funny stuff happened all the time, like a boy from China bought 20 eggs from us. He said his friends can finished all that. Oh my god! He & his friends are our loyal customers, they came almost every day :) They also said we can used our "beauty strategies" to attract customers.

Last but not least, thank you my groupmates for being so cooperative. I think we did quite a good job.

Sign off


Unlike others, we both don't have any plans on Christmas.
We went to watch a movie, had a simple dinner, no countdown or whatsoever.
Frankly, i do hope there will be something special as that was the 1st christmas we'd been together.

Merry Christmas all :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blessed 20th ♥

Oh yes, this is an overdue post which already happened  month ago, yet i still decided to write it here because it was simply awesome :) Ok, as what written on my previous post, december was so happening because it's my month - my birthday. I'd been awaiting for like whole year and finally the day has arrived :)

 First surprise celebration was given by all my girlfriends. Boyfriend planned all these & seriously i never thought of  all these because my boy isn't romantic so he wouldn't do that.(#for what i feel). Boyfriend blamed me because he couldn't reached me at 12am. Haha! i was busy on phone and he only managed to call in like after 20 minutes?

p/s: This post is gonna be full with pictures, i hope you enjoy it :)

Headed to mcd after that because we people made so much noise until somebody threw something out from their house =/ Could be forgiven because it's midnight already, so sorry! 

Second birthday celebration was given by my babyboy :) As what i requested, we went to Poco Homemade which located somewhere around Bangsar. I always wanted to go there cuz i love their environment so much :) All their stuff are homemade and it looked so adorable for me.

Baby got me this as birthday gift, a pendant from Thomas Sabo. He knew i love Eiffel tower so so so much, and i used to have one before, that's why he got it for me. I'm wearing it everyday now :) Besides, he got me a Charles & Keith leopard printed purse as what i requested him to buy for me, haha! 

Second round- Levain! Macaroons time :)

Last celebration was given by my bunch of buddies in ipoh. The day after my birthday, i went back to ipoh & my besties decided to throw a belated birthday dinner together in Citrus Wine & Bar.

Lastly, thank you people for all the wishes,blessings,celebrations,presents, loves.
i'm so bless to have you people besides me.
not forgetting, thank you mommy,daddy, gorgor, jiejie for giving me such a blessing family.

Love You 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First post, 2012

Hey peeps, i'm back! It has been a long time since the last update because i was drowning with different kind of stuffs that made me feels busy. So sad that couldn't write a last post for 2011 because last year december was so happening & i'm gonna blog it sooner :)

So, it's 2012 now. I'm still working out on my new year resolution but i'm truly glad that so far the beginning of this year has been treating me quite well. I felt so amazing especially when i got an offer from 2 companies for my internship :) They offered me on the spot, i don't even need to submit my resume, how good. Anyway, my internship is 5 months away from now, still long to go, but i just can't wait to enroll myself into it.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, yet i'm still busy with assignments, presentations and a lil bit of my event's stuff. I want to go shopping so badly, and i wanted to occupy my wardrobe with all new clothes. Boyfriend is so busy with his final year project so we less date recently =(

Oh ya, not to left out my beloved sister is going to give birth probably on end of this month. I pray that everything will be fine :)

Chao, update next time.
Have a fruitful day.