Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ipoh, my sweet home

A random post about the gathering in ipoh.
i went back to ipoh on previous 2 weeks, yeah, like finally i'm home! Since mommy stay in kl, i rarely travel back to ipoh, i miss my home so much! of course, i miss my daddy, sister & grandma as well :)

Activities was kinda full when i was home. Outing, yumcha and what else? Yea, it's still yumcha.
so happy to meet the darlings after like 1+ months. I don't know why, i just got to see them every month.

Sharon Karlin Teo                                                                              Eqing Popo Chong

Wilson GG Mah                                                                             Angie KayXing Ng

There was a big crowd in Jusco that day, all thanks to
Padini. A massive sales was going on that time & people are
so crazy about that. The queue for cashier is super long, even the queue for fitting room is also super duper long. So, we decided just to walk around & we buy nothing from there.Another photo session before going back home. Tadaaaaaa :D

Mamalia :) So sad that Eric & Kah Hong weren't with us but i'm waiting alright. You both will not be forgotten especially Kah Hong who's now working in Singapore.
All the best to him.


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