Saturday, December 10, 2011

STOMP musical show

This was the second time i work for part time in KL, thanks to Steven Chang for getting me this job.
i worked as  an usher in KLCC Plenary Hall 2 weeks before, spending my weekends with STOMP!

not so sure whether or not you know about STOMP, but i guess probably some of you might remember last time when u went to cinema, during the advertisement period, you saw a bunch of people holding some rubbish bin, tin, broom or whatever that can make sound? Yea, they used this kind of stuffs to do their performance. Yeah, they were STOMP.

The STOMP performers & the crew

The stage

I didn't know i'm working for them, i thought it was just some ordinary musical show. I was kind of happy when after i realized that. The benefits of this job is, you can watch their show for free & i watched 4 times within 2 days. Tickets weren't that cheap, the lowest price was RM78, applicable only for students. 
My job was pretty easy, very easy! Heessss :)
All i need to do is stab the ticket, and direct the seats to them, that's all. I only worked for maximum 4 hours a day.

Introduced this job to this very free man, Henry. He got nothing to do since he finished all this final year project already.

Met 2 friends during work, they are siblings. Doesn't looks alike right?

Rachel, she's a teacher in a special school.

Part of the souvenirs, kind of expensive for me. All imported from US.

All the crew, in black.

Lastly, a picture of myself :) So sad that i didnt get to take picture with one of the performer that i like. Refer back to the group picture with the performers, spot a guy with red "devil" hair. He purposely did his hair like that, so damn cuteeeeee :)

A good experience of working. and the best thing is i get paid right after the show. How nice :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ipoh, my sweet home

A random post about the gathering in ipoh.
i went back to ipoh on previous 2 weeks, yeah, like finally i'm home! Since mommy stay in kl, i rarely travel back to ipoh, i miss my home so much! of course, i miss my daddy, sister & grandma as well :)

Activities was kinda full when i was home. Outing, yumcha and what else? Yea, it's still yumcha.
so happy to meet the darlings after like 1+ months. I don't know why, i just got to see them every month.

Sharon Karlin Teo                                                                              Eqing Popo Chong

Wilson GG Mah                                                                             Angie KayXing Ng

There was a big crowd in Jusco that day, all thanks to
Padini. A massive sales was going on that time & people are
so crazy about that. The queue for cashier is super long, even the queue for fitting room is also super duper long. So, we decided just to walk around & we buy nothing from there.Another photo session before going back home. Tadaaaaaa :D

Mamalia :) So sad that Eric & Kah Hong weren't with us but i'm waiting alright. You both will not be forgotten especially Kah Hong who's now working in Singapore.
All the best to him.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

December, oh december.

Hello December, my favorite month ever :)
you know why i love december? because it's my birthday month.
birthday falls on 16th December, which is going to be next friday. I'm very looking forward, very excited.
sister said i can claimed some cash from her as birthday gift, how nice. Yet, i still love to receive presents because i love surprise, i love to see how much efforts that people will pay for me.

Anyhow, not going to celebrate it alone this year. I've got my love one with me.
you're so much appreciated. i just hope to have a memorable times with you.

Heeeees :)