Monday, November 28, 2011



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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Sunday

Baby & I used to hangout every weekend unless he/me have something to busy with.
mommy & brother went back to Ipoh on last last last last Sunday & this was the 1st time i didn't follow them as i need to settle down something during weekend.

Baby brought me to Paciffic Coffee Shop located at IOI Boulevard for a drink. This place has become our favourite place to chill. The environment is pretty comfort and cozy.

Skip that part, lets proceed to the next. I asked him whether or not want me to cook him dinner.
We can't think of any place to dine that time. So,i decided to cook.
of course, it's just something super simple-spaghetti! :D
 Since the ingredients are all ready at home, so we both decided to play "masak-masak" together. I called my mom & she asked me not to burn her kitchen. LOL

Let the pictures to the talking.

First and foremost, cook this.

Next, the most important ingredients, the spaghetti sauce. You can buy it any supermarket/grocery shops.

 Mommy taught me to mix a lil tomato sauce to make it taste better.

I boiled it instead of cooking it. HAHAH! easier way :)

I cut the sausage into pieces & you see what he had made -.-' 

Ham, my favourite :)

Lastly, cook the sauce & throw in the sausages & hams. I didn't add any onion because i hate union so much. I don't eat union.

He just loves to kacau me.

Meeeeeee :) serious preparing my dinner.

 Tadaaaaaaa, the final outcome. He said it tastes not bad though. Hehehe :) 

A simple yet sweet dinner. Don't have to think of places to eat, you can cook at home if you can.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Malay Traditional Dance

Group pictures with cikgu after the dance test.
Well done :)
more & more to go throughout this trimester, it's gonna be so good.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sabah, Borneo : Part IV

This is the final post about my borneo trip! i can actually get it done very very early yet i'm just simply lazy to blog about that. This is going to be a short post as i didn't take much pictures on the last night before i came back to KL.

The 4th day was all about B-E-A-C-H!
it's beach day :) I was utterly happy whenever i go beach, and you know Sabah has uncountable beautiful islands, how could i miss it right? I just went to Manukan Island & Mamutik Island only. Well, it pretty enough already :)

Early in the morning, we prepared all the stuffs needed the we walked to the jetty from our lodge. YES, WE WALKED. and, it's not near. 

We tried to look for the cheapest island hopping package among all the counters there. There are about 8-9 counters, and you can randomly pick a few & ask for the price and so on so forth. Of course, you can bargain with them. Also, remember to bring along student card as we can get a 50% discount on the jetty tax or what.

Hello, we're finally here! :D Thanks god, it's a sunny day.

Part of the chalets

We girls went to change our bikini  on & we went for snorkeling. Oh ya, sunblock is a MUST! I never like to apply sunblock on my body or face either but you know what, luckily i did applied. I look so tanned after that day. =(( Skin peeled off so terribly.

The love bird

Yours truly

We didn't play any of the water sports that day, purely snorkeling in both of the islands. It wasn't my 1st time to go for snorkeling yet i'm still afraid of going to somewhere deep. Anyhow, i managed to master it well slowly & slowly. We saw a lot of fishy & corals :))
I wanted to play parasailing so much yet only me & see wei were interested. RM100 for 2 pax.

We did saw a lot of angmo over there, i likey =) Kinda envy them as they can travel with a big bunch of friends, i guess they're having their summer break that time. 

We had so much fun that day yet everyone got tanned after that day. HAHAHA! anyhow, it's worth. 

Okay, byebye Sabah! I'll be back.

Thanks all for bringing so much fun throughout the whole trip =)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sabah, Borneo : Part III

 Warning: This is gonna be a long post! Be patient :)

Third day in Sabah, weather was pretty nice, so we went out early in the morning again to have breakfast! This place is kinda famous for 鱼滑面( i think so). As usual, we shared our breakfast together again :)

Headed to Sungai Kiulu for river rafting after our breakfast. I felt utterly excited but at the same time, mood swing because i lost something, i was so careless :(

 We reached the upstream of Sungai Kiulu & get ready for the adventurous rafting acitvities. We took the level 1/level 2, which suits for the beginners like us. Even children can play this level. The uncle told us since this is the most basic one, so we won't get wet bla bla bla, and HE WAS WRONG!! (tell you why later)

Helmet checked, life jacket checked, paddle checked, and so, final briefing before we play. He told us some rules that must be followed. I'm getting so so so excited that time. 1st time ever to play river rafting, woohoo :D

Before we went off, cheeeeeeeese :)

Okay, here comes my nightmare. I'm a non-swimmer, i don't know how to swim. So before that, i had already told my rafter, Sham so that he would take care of me. Everything was good & fine, i felt so excited till our boat being cap-sized.


All of us dropped into the river and i was stuck in the middle of the boat, i don't know how to escape from that, at the time, i really thought i'm going to die soon. I kept struggled until i lift my head up. I floated quite far from the boat and luckily, henry came to save me up. I was like: "Thanks God, he saves my life!" no kidding!!

I was the 1st being pulled up to the boat because the rafter know i can't swim. We thought the rafter purposely pull the boat to make us capsize but he said that was an accidentally. The boat met the swirl, so we dropped off  :(

not only mine, wilson & seewei lost their specs as well :(

Rafter asked us wanna get 2nd try or not, i die die refused!!
i'm so scare even i think of that now.

We tried body rafting when its about the end of the rafting. We jumped into the river, and let the water push us to the downstream. This wasn't fun, i tried, and i'm scared :( but still, a big applause to myself  for doing all that. I hate that uncle, he said this is only the level 1/level 2, i can't imagine how if i go for the level 3/level 4 in Sungai Padas. That is gonna be real challenging. 

Lunch was provided at there, it's all included in our RM350 package.
Back to lodge and i fall asleep till evening while the rest already went out to Philipino market.

Dined at 大茄来海鲜餐厅 where we got the cheapest crab in town. RM18 per kg.
and we ordered "Sabah Vegetables-direct translate",something special lah.
not to forget, the 象蚌 (1st try on this), nice!
Bill: RM11+ for 7 peoples, cheap right?

Went for the musical fountain show at Perdana Park around 8+pm. Not bad either, but i think they shall change some of the songs, kinda old-style already. Hehe :)

Next destination: Tanjung Aru Beach. We went there at night, thanks to Chea Ann (my friend whom studying in UMS) brought us there. There's a few bars there, best place ever to chill i guess.

We stayed till 9+pm then we went off to a night food market. I took nothing for supper but the rest ordered prawns & sotong. I don't really like to eat prawns but when i saw the big big prawns, its simply irresistible :) You just feel like biting on this.

Last destination: B'day celebration for Miss Ho in Waterfront:)
her birthday falls on 7/10 so we gave her a lil surprise.
i excused myself & i went out to buy cakes for her, hope she like it.
We ordered a jar of beer as our companion at that night.

That day was indeed tiring, yet we had heaps of fun.
Stay tune for the final post for Borneo Trip.
Thanks for reading :)

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