Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sabah, Borneo : Part II

Woke up early in the morning and got prepared for our journey  to somewhere up to the hill.
Uncle stopped by Tamparuli Town for breakfast. We had taken our breakfast before that, so 6 of us ordered only 3 plates and we shared it together.

Tamparuli mee, i likey :)

Before we left, uncle bought us some fried banana/pisang goreng. He kept saying that was nice so we waite the kak to fry for us. The banana tasted kinda sweet and it's kinda different from what we normally take it here.

After about 1+ hours, we reached Pekan Nabalu, a small town nearby somewhere? Agh, i don't know.
This place was beautiful, we captured beautiful scenery and we saw people filming over there. Even if they're superstar, i don't even know & i'm not interested also. Heees :)

There have a lot of stalls selling handicrafts, souvenirs,fruits, etc. We bought our "I love KK" shirt over there. Uncle remind us to bargain with the sellers, else, they will "chop" us like what they did to those foreigners. So, we out our shirt for RM18 :) The cheapest that we can get.

Oh ya, I'm not a fans of pineapple, but the pineapple selling there was so SWEET! i like it, and it only costs you RM2 for 1 whole cheap right?

 After this, we sat for another 1+ hour to reach Poring! It's a well-known place for hot spring, but before that, we went for our lunch and headed to the butterfly farm & the canopy walk also.

Lunch! Not bad, and it's included in our RM350 package :)

I skip the butterfly farm's part because i think nothing so special. I saw a lot of butterfly, that's it.
We went for the canopy walk. I forgotten how much we paid for both(butterfly farm & canopy walk). Maybe RM5?

Jungle-trekked for quite a distance before we went for the canopy walk.
I sweat like hell as i thought we're going to Kundasang, it must be cold, so i wore long sleeves, and the worst part is, i wore mini skirt for jungle-trek! Haha. I should have take the short pants with me :(

Finally we reached the 1st canopy! :D I was a lil scared because i'm afraid of height.Okay, frankly, not really that high lah, i'm just purely afraid :(

Epic failed

There's a few canopy that we walked through, and when we came down from the canopy walkway, it started to rain heavily! We were all WET, from top to bottom, and to inner part. Grrrrr.

So, we decided to went for hot spring directly,we went for the private pool instead of the public one, costs only RM15 per room.

We went to see The Biggest Flower, Rafflesia. As what i know, this flower smells like dead body but when we went, we didn't smell anything, probably because that's the 2nd day of blooming. Fyi, they only bloom for maximum  a week.

Not forgetting, you have to PAY to see this. and it's not cheap, roughly RM10 per person, and we only stayed for like a minute, snap pics, then left.

Continued our journey to Kundasang! We arrived at 5pm and the milk factory was closed :(( Yet, still can see some of the cows there. The weather was so cold, something like Genting!

This is a very nice place to visit, but unfortunately, we didnt manage to see the KK mountain's view from here and the big wide field. It looks something like New Zealand, i didn't cheat alright? It's true.

Shot 1

Shot 2

Shot 3

I was forced to take out my cardigan to take picture. So freaking cold! 

 We are cute right?

Bumped into our dinner around 6+pm. Steamboat. =*

 This is a long post, i know right? Thanks for reading :)
Gonna off to do my literature review nowwwwwww.

Goodnight! <3

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LuPorTi said...

Rafflesia, don't know whether I have the chance to see it or not.

Leanne said...

Of course you can! It isn't somewhere far also, travel to Sabah :)

LuPorTi said...

Hehe. Need to wait to have money and time first. Hehe.