Monday, October 24, 2011

Sabah, Borneo : Part I

Since I'm free now so i decided to write a little about my Sabah Trip.
Probably a long one i guess.

Six of us went to Sabah on 4th October 2011! We took the 2nd earliest flight,which is 750am from LCCT to KKIA. Gonna credits to the boyfie because he purposely woke up early, then came all the way from cyber to fetch to the airport, thanks love 

I was so sleepy but i just couldn't sleep on the flight, as you know, the seats are kinda small & i don't feel comfortable at all but still, everything was fine!

Checked in to our lodge right after. The price was kinda cheap since it was those backpackers hotel & most importanty, it was CLEAN! You have to share the bathroom with others but trust me, it's very clean. and the staffs were very friendly, super friendly :D

You can log on to if u're interested.

Lunch-生肉面(we used to call it pork meat noodle in west m'sia) RM6-RM6.50

After our lunch, we visited Sabah Museum since we had some free time before we headed to our 1st destination. You know, museum is always not the place that we, teenagers go. Agree?

The entrance fee is RM2 for malaysian but if you show your student card, it's FREE! that's what we called student's privileges. hehe.
The museum was undergoing some renovation so most of the part was closed!

 The museum consists of indoor & outdoor. The outdoor one is so much interesting compare to the indoor.


We get to visit different kind of the bumiputera houses like long house etc. I'd been to Sarawak for once, so i visited this kind of cultural village before. Not bad either, you can see a lot of difference races house like Bajau, Kadazan, etc etc that we used to read in Geography/History last time.

Here comes our 1st destination that we had been planned to go!
Klias river & Fireflies.
it took about 2 hours to reach the jetty in Weston. I was trying so hard to sleep & i failed :(
Never mind, we all were so excited once we reached the jetty.

Our tea break, free :) 

Was ready to go off watching probosics monkeys! :) It's only available in east m'sia.

Here we comeeeeee! i remembered i said something funny, i said i was imagining the boat will crack, then sink, then there's lot crocodile down there, how? HAHA!

Spot the monkey. Can you see they have a sharp nose & with a long tail? The people told us their tail is to balance themselves on the tree. We saw a lot, how lucky :)

Part of Klias river's view. So sad that we couldn't manage to see the beautiful sunset because the clouds had blocked the sun :(

We had our dinner at the place showing down here. It's in the middle of the river, how odd. Food was quite nice and yea, this is all included in the package that we bought. If i'm not mistaken, it about RM160-RM180 per person. 

The sky was soooo dark after 6pm. Sabah sunset is on 6pm, so not used to it. After our dinner, we went to watch FIREFLIES! tell you, it's sooooooooooo beautiful & nice.
They will stick on certain trees & the tree looks like a christmas tree as it's keep blinking!
Can you imagine that, i bet you do.

We went back around 8pm & traveled all the way back to KK town.
1st day was indeed tiring so i fall asleep very soon.
Update more soon.

Happy Deepavali to all my Indians friend.
Have fun.


LuPorTi said...

Share the bathroom you mean all the people staying in the entire Lavender Lodge will share the bathroom?

Faren Zori said...

aiya so syiok. ade probosics monkeysssssss.

Lee said...

Luporti: Nope, only the people living at the same floor will share the toilet together :)

Lee said...

Faren: got visit someday alright!! :))

LuPorTi said...

Oh I see, then their toilet and bathroom, any special? Or just like the normal ones?

Lee said...

What do u mean by special? Erm, it's just normal bathroom. hehe.

LuPorTi said...

Haha, what I mean by special a? Good question. I am not sure too. Haha.