Friday, September 30, 2011

A little surprise

Have you ever heard of OSK Investment Challenge. I bet most of you don't know what is this.Basically it's a Malaysia's ultimate virtual stock trading game.

They had a student edition where it encourages most of the university's students to participate in this trading game.OSK will give the students whom sign up for this game a virtual capital of RM100,000. It allowed the users/students to experience the thrill of investing with no risk.

If you ever have a interest in playing this trading game, go for it because it might be kind of interesting :)
oh well, if you need guidance, you can look for this blog Luporti (under the OSKIC column).
He wrote some tutorials which i think it's useful for the beginner, as well as me.
Or, you can click HERE to watch the youtube video.

Okay, back to topic. i actually won RM50 cash prize from them! =)
I knew, that isn't much but i was simply happy because i was the lucky one that has been selected.
They will select 5 winners randomly per day and i'm one of the lucky winner on day4.

I was kinda surprised when i saw my amount suddenly boost up within a night, and when i checked, i saw this! Hehe.

p/s: Gotta off now, i need to sleeeeeep as much as i can during this 2 weeks holidays.
Night darlings.

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LuPorTi said...

Again, congratulation to you again.