Friday, September 30, 2011

A little surprise

Have you ever heard of OSK Investment Challenge. I bet most of you don't know what is this.Basically it's a Malaysia's ultimate virtual stock trading game.

They had a student edition where it encourages most of the university's students to participate in this trading game.OSK will give the students whom sign up for this game a virtual capital of RM100,000. It allowed the users/students to experience the thrill of investing with no risk.

If you ever have a interest in playing this trading game, go for it because it might be kind of interesting :)
oh well, if you need guidance, you can look for this blog Luporti (under the OSKIC column).
He wrote some tutorials which i think it's useful for the beginner, as well as me.
Or, you can click HERE to watch the youtube video.

Okay, back to topic. i actually won RM50 cash prize from them! =)
I knew, that isn't much but i was simply happy because i was the lucky one that has been selected.
They will select 5 winners randomly per day and i'm one of the lucky winner on day4.

I was kinda surprised when i saw my amount suddenly boost up within a night, and when i checked, i saw this! Hehe.

p/s: Gotta off now, i need to sleeeeeep as much as i can during this 2 weeks holidays.
Night darlings.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baby Ashton

 Say hello to the little lovely babyboy! =)

oh well, he is definitely not my baby, i laughed so badly when i uploaded a baby picture to my facebook, and my foundation lecturer asked me: "Yours?".
what a joke.

He is my nephew, Ashton Lee Yu Harng.
so cute, so adorable, so handsome! mommy said he inherited the good genes from the Lee's family, where he has a pair of big eyes, wide nose, nice features bla bla bla.

Conclusion: everyone kept praising this little babyboy included me. haha!
welcome to the world! we all gonna sayang you so so much.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

♥ is all around :)

Happy 21st Birthday babeboy.
i wished i did make your dreams come true & i hope you enjoyed the time in Port Dickson :)
nothing as sweet as how the way you treat me, loves you

p/s: will update more on the next post, stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Smurfs

Hi smurfs :)
finally i watched this movie, yeah!

From left: Clumsy, Grumpy,Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Gutsy, Brainy

Aren't they cute,adorable, and blueeeee?
btw, they were named after their own characteristics, and they got so much other smurfs like painter smurf, greedy smurf etc.

The part that i love the most is that whatever they said, they will add the word-smurf in it.
Example: I miss you ( I Smurfs You)
and now, the fever has changed, people will said I don't smurf-ing like him/her. haha!
for those whom hasn't watch, faster grab your seats & watch these.

You can watch the trailer at HERE.
End this post with a happy song, la la la la la la, sing a happy song <3
Log off, exam is around the corner, i'm so smurf-ing scare!!