Friday, August 12, 2011

Can you starve for 30 hours? YES, I CAN!

Finally it comes to the end of it.
congratulation to all the famine fighters, u guys are AWESOME! :)

Wasn't it impressive? There were about 9k+ famine fighters from all over Malaysia, and i'm proud to say that i'm one if them :)
together, we raised about RM1.5 million to help the children.
for mmu itself, we collected about Rm9k+ as well.

We took this picture at Stadium Bukit Jalil after the famine countdown.
they were still excited about that. i would like to take this opportunity to thanks you guys for joining this year 30 hour famine & i sincerely wished that you guys did enjoy yourselves throughout the 30 hours.
i'm so proud of this!

Last but not least, thanks to my bunch of awesome committees.
i might not be a good leader, but i did try my best to do a great job. thanks for assisting me while carrying this event! i love the dance, i love the drama, i love the games, and I LOVE YOU ALL

I'm so sorry if i had made you mad or whatever before this.
i learned a lot from you all, especially those seniors.
last but not least, would like to thanks 2 ppls right here.
i'm so shy to tell them face-to-face so i write it here.

Wei Xiang, thanks for giving me the opportunity to become a camp leader/director, this was my very 1st time. i wished i never disappoint you :)

Kai Jun, you're the one whom i adore the most. You had been helping me in most of the stuffs & you don't feel annoying by answering my lame questions.
well, i miss your face already because i've been seeing you every single week at a constant time & now, no more already & you're about to graduate soon :((

This was indeed a very good experience for myself.
I enjoyed it very much & i loved it as well.
This was simply memorable

p/s: I'm so going to upload all the pictures once i get it from Mr.Kang Zheng Lian, my photographer.

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