Thursday, July 28, 2011


Getting so lazy to update recently since i'm gonna deal with assignments, presentations, quizes & midterms this few weeks :(

GOOD NEWS! i'm survived after 1 quiz, 2 midterms & 2 presentations this week, yay :)
unfortunately, there are still more to come in this coming few weeks, they are so-going-to make my life become more miserable especially dreamweaver & flash assignment!
i've totally run out of idea on how to do it,arghh!
lend me a hand please, i need pro here.

feeling great on last weekend since it has been a month since i last back to ipoh.
met up with some old friends & i brought him back to my house on sunday :)
mommy was kinda satisfied i supposed? hees.

p/s: today i don't feel like doing anything

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