Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Starbucks 50% off

I bet most of the Starbucks lover knew about this current promotion.
yeah, you can enjoy a half price frappuccino during the happy hour (5pm-7pm) on weekdays.
2 cups of Venti costs you about RM15+ only.
i'm addicted into this promo recently. i alws have the "ohm" to go there since this promo started, damn!

This promo will only last for 2 weeks, and its about to end soon.
So, faster grab yours before it ends.
anyhow, Greentea is forever

p/s: nothing to write so just cincai grab something and blog! :)

alright, stick back to the timetable & macro.
sucks big time. damn!
not to forget, please help me to click on my nuffnang, thankiu!


Henry Tan said...

Ain't weird to go Starbucks Coffee to drink tea while their signature drink is coffee? lol

Leanne said...

u're not the 1st one who said that. i know its