Friday, May 20, 2011

Segari Beach/Pantai Remis, Sitiawan

Have you ever seen turtles before? nah, i ain't talking about tortoise, its turtle alright?
i never seen any before=( i just saw it in Discovery Channel last time,sigh!
by the way, you can now see it in Sitiawan, Perak =)

Credits to Wilson Mah for searching this place & brought me there.
i've been complaining that i was free on friday & begging him to bring me out for a walk.
he found this place on Ipoh facebook page(click here).
he drove me all the way to Sitiawan & we met up with Joyce and Seng Keong there.

The baby turtles,all blackies :)

When they grow slightly bigger


and BIGGEST! i guess it will grows even larger in size when they get older.

u may be thinking why am i so silly as in feeling so happy about this. alright, never mind!
frankly, i never seen any turtle in the past 19 of my life.
i used to mix up tortoise & turtle when i was small. haha!

this is the place whereby all the turtle eggs are being protected. too bad, we're not allow to go in unless we get the permit.

this centre was located somewhere far away, you might need some guidance from the locals.
the visiting hours is from 10am to 5pm. we reached around 440pm, only 20 minutes left before they closed it. =(

after this, we went to Segari Beach which was just beside the turtle santuary.
this beach was freaking BEAUTIFUL! =)

this beach was being isolated and it was the place where turtles came to lay their eggs every year.
need not to travel all the way to Terengganu to see anymore! hees =D
u can see it in Sitiawan too!
by the way, this beach is NOT recommended for swimming because the beach is deep and the wave is rather strong.

you can catch baby crabby,urinary shrimp(赖尿虾) & lala there.
wilson,keong & joyce were so excited in catching all these, lol.

close up for the so called baby urinary shrimp!

it have egg inside, poor shrimp! gonna cooked by people =(

our name =)

i guess the "E" is abit cacat, isn't it?

seeing those boys catching the baby shrimp along the seaside was simply happy.
they were just way too pro!!!
they can catched quite much within a short time.

p/s: we dropped by Pusing & bought some kuih-muih! tasty & cheap! if you're going there from Ipoh, i suggest you to drive to Pusing town and buy some kuih.

aww, i always love beach.
i like to go different beach to walk around =)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wonder girls

Finally manage to have an outing with my ladies after so long, teehee :)
angie used to named us (Me, Angie, Karlin & Eqing) as juicy girls, so basically, this outing is called as juicy outing. LOL.
alright, people reading now might feel weird! bear with it for a while please.

Karlin was the driver of the day, she fetched eqing & i to JJ. how proud!
and three of us felt so great sitting on the car chit-chatting. you wouldn't know how awesome we felt on that day.

Dined in Takahashi Cafe with my ladies as they haven't grab their lunch yet.

Eqing, Karlin


Well, there were 2 DSLR & 1 Semi-dslr on that day.
Eqing EOS 550D whereas Angie got her Canon 600D from her sister in Singapore, how nice.
my baby G12 stands at one side looking at those DSLR,sigh!
nevertheless, i still hearts by babyG the most.

Angie get her baby Pooh hand-phone from her sister as well.
seriously, the phone is way too cuteeeee.
it can text & call & snap pics like any other phones.
it's disney products anyway. i feel like buying this out of a sudden!

snap shot a lot since there was 2 camera pro's there & 4 photogenic out there.

My ladies

When canon meets canon, LMAO!

did a little shopping with my ladies. each & every single of them bought something while i bought nothing i suppose. i'm broke so i only can window shop! =(

anyhow, spent my day with the lovely(s) was simple yet sweet.
happy holidays to you all.

p/s: 520 approaching soon! =) nuffnang click please.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

With ♥

我个人也觉得我们真的还不赖,就只欠Mr. Yeap Kah Hong 就完美了=)

朋友- 得来不易 ; 好朋友 -更是难上加难!

谈得来的好朋友不需要多,懂你,了解你的就好 =)

感恩! =)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Buh-bye Year 1 =p

Time flies, it's has been almost a year since i entered MMU.
i could still barely remember that how used i complaint my campus was sucks with rules & peoples around.
this was how i felt on the early stage, and now i felt so much better, thanks to people around me.

glad to mix up with friends from different places & different characteristics that lighten up my uni's life.
it wouldn't be that great maybe as for now but i trust that with you all by my side, it's already the best thing in life =)

People tends to get close when they have endless topics whenever they are together.
you can talk craps & nonsense with them for like entire day, discussing those gossips where you don't really know that's true or not =)

They are the connection to my uni's life - a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.

Sometimes you do not know where the hell you are, what you gonna do, but be thankful that someone will be there to guides you.

Last but not least, thanks to the bestie of mine, See Wei. She's the one whom i close with, the one whom often hang & stick together throughout the whole year. some friends of us used to call us as TWINS, teehee :)

A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.
Friendship isn't a big thing perhaps it's a million little things.

p/s: please help me to click on my nuffnang, i'm so broke this month for some reasons. SIGH!!