Friday, April 29, 2011

Belated Birthday post for Eric Sang

This belated post is specially dedicated to Eric Teh.
sorry handsome! i actually wanted to blog this for quite a long time yet i forgotten.
nothing much to write about, you know WE, MAMALIA hearts you much.
as what eqing said, u have the best smile as you ever do.

p/s: a simple celebration with the birthday boy in KBox, Ipoh Parade.

2 besties that appeared most of the time in my blog : Eqing & Karlin

Left: Wilson Mah
Right: BearHung

Wilson & I are so looking forward for you to come on this September.
Hell Yeah! we've got more kaki in Kl edi.

Anyhow, I knew u had a great celebration.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Gold Coast, Sepang

Afternoon is sultry especially in these days. oh, i should rephrase this, afternoon is sultry in m'sia. aiks!
peoples are complaining about the hot weather which make them dizzy days & nights. yea, so do i. this weather is killing me! it would be better for me to stay at house rather than going out.
anyhow, i'm getting so used to this kind of weather since i have been living here for about 19+ years. lol

back to topic, i went to Sepang Cold Coast once again with my friend on last saturday. aww, i like beach so much simply because it is way more windy & cozy for me.
feels so good when the wind hits my face, so relaxing :)

awesome weather!


the place where the crabby stays

handsome malay kids

lil girl who wanted to fly off her kites

beautiful sunset that has been awaiting for whole day :)

ended up my day with seafood meals in Tanjung Sepat, Ocean restaurant :)

i'm in love with the green earth & the great ocean! :)

p/s: a simple yet relaxing day *satisfying*