Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This is lame,this is random, i knew this.
but i just got nothing much to update & recently i was so into this I-phone photograph apps.
sorry for wasting your time, enjoy your day!

p/s: time flies, everything has changed after you're back!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

1 Malaysia Help & Health Campaign, MMU Cyberjaya

I joined a campaign organized by the Red Crescent in my campus last Wednesday.
somehow, i think that this event is great for me because i learned something useful on that day :)
this event is called as "1 Malaysia Help & Health Campaign".

this campaign had provided 9 services which i think is good enough to attract people to join this campaign :

1. Organ Donation Campaign
2. Blood Donation Drive
3. Free Medical Checkup
4. CPR Awareness Campaign
5. Exhibition
6. Demonstration
7. Health Talk
8. International Student Helpline
9. Food Bazaar

See Wei & I took a short visit to this campaign during our break time since we both promise Henry we'll pay him a visit.

see wei checking up for her eyes

too bad that i was wearing contact lens so i'm not able to do the check up. i seriously need to know the degree of my eyes because it has been roughly 2+ years i never update the degree of my eyes. Even when i'm wearing my spectacles at home, i still feel a bit blur when facing my laptop
well, i guess its time to change a new specs :)

next, we went to check out for...err, our foot? i don't know how should i named it but basically, it measures how good your foot looks like & my foot looks abnormal :(
the man told me my arch is kind of flat which was not suppose to be like that. hell ya!

right after, we went to check up for our spine. i passed in this!
at least, my spine is growing normally, a pretty nice "S" shape, hehe :)

alright, here comes the part that i like the most, CPR learning guided by Henry.
he's the member of RC so he personally guided both of us.

has been questioning by the so-called instructor, henry

serious-ing! ^^

this is definitely not a kiss,lol

as what Henry said, everyone is able to give CPR. for some of you, you might know the proper way of doing this & even have a qualified certificate of doing this. as for me, my purpose is just to learn & i'm glad that i know the way of doing this now.
it wasn't hard after all & i remember the way of doing.


C- Compression


B- Breathing

Err, i listed in the correct way, am I? Please correct me if i'm wrong.
we both were a bit silly because we were so excited after learning this.

my cert of participating :D

there were still others activities like fund raising for Japan, organ donation & blood donation drive. frankly, i never participate in any blood donation before. hopefully, i would be able to donate 1 day because i believe donating blood is definitely a good cause.

Log off
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Penang Penang!

Hii peeps :)
this is an overdue post again, i know i'm lazy enough to update my blog.
this post might be a bit too long, so be patient on reading my post

my penang day trip might sounds a little ridiculous because i actually went for jungle trekking for the entire morning.
Henry planned to bring me to Monkey Beach but ended up with Pantai Teluk Ailing.
monkey beach is further down compare to the Pantai Teluk Ailing. we should be slightly smarter next time :(
anyhow, this beach is beautiful as well.

scenery outside penang national park


we never knew we were in another beach until he went to google search for the place again at night.
alright, a big disappointment as i thought i were in the right beach,Monkey Beach.
but still, manage to see a bunch of small monkeys before went into the jungle.

golden monkey? idk what's the name

if you wanted to go pantai kerachut, turns to the right-hand-side path

we reached!

saw a bunch of school kids having fun there

he was taking my camera to capture me :) btw, gaya betul!

captured this using by G12, aww, how nice =p

again, he saw crabby there!

camera testing-1,2,3


henry & i

swing swing!

it took us about 3-4 hours throughout the whole journey. frankly, jungle trekking consumed a lot of time & we never get to take the boat when we wanna go back :(
after this, both of us felt so sweaty & sticky, so we decided to back home, take bath, then only off for niceeeeeee foods which i've been craving a lot.

Air Itam asam laksa, i miss this effing much!

RM3 per bowl

my cendol, RM1.90

after this, he thought of bringing me to a chao kuay teow stall but we're so unlucky, the stall never open. UGH! next time i wanna go because as what henry mentioned, the kuay teow is so mouth-watering.
next, we off to penang road for famous cendol =)

TeoChew cendol

cendol again! obviously, it tastes better than the previous cendol :)

there is 2 stalls there, go for the one which has PHUA CHU KANG picture on it.

we took the cendol inside the shop & ordered kuay teow & prawn mee.
i always got confused about the name of the prawn mee because penang people named it as 福建面 while ppl who lives in ipoh/kl called it as 虾面.
anyway, for me, as long as the food tastes good, it doesn't matter what's the name.

right after the meal, we walked around the area around to kill time.
stomach was full of foods & it must have to be digested before dinner. HAHA!

hello kitty which makes me think of see wei :)

komtar building & his.....err,sexy back? LOL

idk where is this place call =.=

he actually planned to bring me to Kek Lok Si at night. I visited this place few times but i never went there before at night. coincidentally, that time Kek Lok Si was still having the CNY lantern & all sort of decorations. but due to tiredness, plan was off & we both went for a movie in Queensbay. my leg wasn't like mine anymore because i walked too much on that day,zzz.
stamina is kinda bad!

we went for dinner at Hammer Bay, which is near by Queensbay. he google-searched this place & he brought me there.
this place is kind of not bad, we're sitting at a place where we can see the Penang bridge night view.
there are 3 stalls selling almost the same foods but we just go for the one who get recommended, which is hammer bay :)

night view

while craving for foods to come :)


our foooooooooooods: satay,fried squid, ikan bakar & lala =D

I ended up my so-called day trip with him by watching this Oscar-awarded movie, Black Swan.
this movie impressed me & Natalie Portman is so beautiful.

before i end this post, thankiuuu so much to Mr.Henry Tan for being my tour guide. He's so kind to plan everything for me, and some more, he made an agenda for this trip to me. aww, hearts you much, glad to have you this clone.
well, hopefully i'll be able to back here in a short time & grab my asam laksa & chao kuay teow again.

log off.
thank you for being so patient reading this long post.
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p/s: took me about 2 hours to update this post =.=