Saturday, February 19, 2011

i'm back in action =)

just a short update that i'm still doing fine in kl=)
finally i manged to spare my time to update my blog, it has been some time since my last update.
i'm done with my final at last, how great! y1s2 had officially over & i'm having my break till early of march!

Question: What to do during my break? lifeless life? Aww,please don't!

kind of looking forward to my trimester 3 & meeting more new faces. seriously, i have got so limited friends in campus. sometimes,i do wonder, do i look so unfriendly or....? well, gossips never end, got used to this already.

anyhow, will update about my CNY post soon. stay tune.
Happy Holiday to myself & friends.

p/s: damn! how come every of my friend is going to oversea,sigh!

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Henry Tan said...

hoho! and im glad that im ur first friend in MMU! =p