Sunday, February 20, 2011

Goodbye Teenage Dream

AHA! it's the girlfriend 20th birthday, my best girlfriend turned into 20th =)
nothing much to describe her, she's just so great to me.
we had a simple dinner at Berlin's Bier Houz, Greentown on saturday night (1 day before her birthday). Berlin is a German restaurant where its famous for their german beer & pork knuckle.

The birthday girl, Chong Yee Ching
Birthday: 31th January 1991

knew this girl for from Form1 till now, we often let people called as twins in highschool because we got got almost the same things like specs, hair length, the way we speak, we act, height....

i gotta try this out :)

YenWei, Ebel, YoongJen, Eqing

Bearhung, Eric, Michael

Wilson, Eqing, Wingfei

Left: We are best friend since high school, left out a girl named Lai Kwan
Right: We get closer after we graduate, and angie named us as juicy =)

This are the girls that i mixed with during my foundation.

YenWei, Karlin, Eqing, Angie, yours truly

These is the family i had in Kampar, mamalia rocks!!
p/s: KahHong, where are you?

the blissful her surrounded by the handsome.

Before i end this post, baby, hopefully you did had a wonderful 20th birthday.

Log off.

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