Monday, February 28, 2011

going to update about my Penang day trip once i got pictures from Mr.Tan!
do visit his blog if you're looking for foods to eat =)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

ĺ…”gether =D

It's time to update about the past chinese new year =)
i knew it's a bit too late to update but who cares? I'm the blog owner, hees!
this CNY was awesome as in i spent my 4 days CNY wisely with families & friends & i spent the rest of my CNY with my final exams, how great =.=

had a reunion dinner with sis & family on 29th

reunion dinner prepared by beloved mommy

Day 1 of CNY:

were all about house visiting, taking angpau & gambling.
for me, i just gamble once a year, only during new year time.
and i only play mahjong during CNY. mom will keep the mahjong for a year then when it's around CNY, she only took it out =)

1st day of CNY, my guests

mamalia rocks!

house visiting : 1st station,my house

night visiting: karlin's house

We are all from Yuk Choy (primary), how glad! =)

combination of my vain pics =x

Day 2 of CNY:

family time! never been to any place on day 2, purely mahjong with mom, sis & bro-in-law =)

my beloved family :DD

Day 3 of CNY:

get to met some long-time-no-see friends & managed to catch up with them.
felt so great! =)

night visiting: my house, reuben house, yenwei house & bob house as well

i like the ginger breadman so much, nice to hug!

Day 4 of CNY:

went for movie as promised earlier & off to yumcha right after

night visiting: wingfei & angie house
gambling again! =)

not in the mood to write so much, more on pictures.
still haven't done my things, it's still under processing, it has been about an hour already.

Friday, February 25, 2011

K.K plan got a little bit messed up =(
hopefully everything will be alright.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight

Love makes time pass, time makes love pass.
saw this meaningful phrase in somewhere else, so true!
finally, i felt that it's over. yea,all over.
i don't need to waste time thinking off stupid idiot thingy anymore.
congratz me please =D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Goodbye Teenage Dream

AHA! it's the girlfriend 20th birthday, my best girlfriend turned into 20th =)
nothing much to describe her, she's just so great to me.
we had a simple dinner at Berlin's Bier Houz, Greentown on saturday night (1 day before her birthday). Berlin is a German restaurant where its famous for their german beer & pork knuckle.

The birthday girl, Chong Yee Ching
Birthday: 31th January 1991

knew this girl for from Form1 till now, we often let people called as twins in highschool because we got got almost the same things like specs, hair length, the way we speak, we act, height....

i gotta try this out :)

YenWei, Ebel, YoongJen, Eqing

Bearhung, Eric, Michael

Wilson, Eqing, Wingfei

Left: We are best friend since high school, left out a girl named Lai Kwan
Right: We get closer after we graduate, and angie named us as juicy =)

This are the girls that i mixed with during my foundation.

YenWei, Karlin, Eqing, Angie, yours truly

These is the family i had in Kampar, mamalia rocks!!
p/s: KahHong, where are you?

the blissful her surrounded by the handsome.

Before i end this post, baby, hopefully you did had a wonderful 20th birthday.

Log off.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

i'm back in action =)

just a short update that i'm still doing fine in kl=)
finally i manged to spare my time to update my blog, it has been some time since my last update.
i'm done with my final at last, how great! y1s2 had officially over & i'm having my break till early of march!

Question: What to do during my break? lifeless life? Aww,please don't!

kind of looking forward to my trimester 3 & meeting more new faces. seriously, i have got so limited friends in campus. sometimes,i do wonder, do i look so unfriendly or....? well, gossips never end, got used to this already.

anyhow, will update about my CNY post soon. stay tune.
Happy Holiday to myself & friends.

p/s: damn! how come every of my friend is going to oversea,sigh!