Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to December

i'm finally back in action, has been abandoned the bloggie for quite some time.
i've been so busy with the course works recently and finally it comes to the end of it =D
this post might be slightly longer, so, if you wanna have a look on it, be patient.

First of all, December is the most happening month within the year, the day that i'm looking forward for a year falls on this month, which is my birthday =)
well, this year birthday wasn't as great as last year since someone isn't there for me anymore. but thanks the family, siblings and bunch of bff, uni-mates that made up my birthday. How blissful i am =D
last teen's birthday, gonna appreciate that very much.

Alexis, Gardens

guests of the day : See Wei, Chai, Junyi, Wilson

the bff :)

19th birthday =)

mmu's gang, girls power=)

b'day dinner with bro & sis-in-law in Tony Romas, MidValley =)

1 week after my birthday, it's christmas. Again, this year christmas isn't same as last year. I actually never plan to celebrate but at last, i traveled back to Kampar to join the bff for barbecue. I was so sick on that night but still, i enjoyed myself and thanks for the belated birthday cakes =)
i can still played rami with the guys till 2-3am even when i'm sicked.

gift from Wingfei

my gf, karlin

Got back to kl again and met with the girlfriend in MidValley mall on Monday.
She was supposed to join the x'mas celebration but her family was in kl that time, so, she missed the fun. Aww...that's bad!

December is always the best month of the year.
i'm in love with dec because i was born in this month & christmas/new year falls on this month as well. everything is going to be so great =)

will update more recent events on the coming post.
gonna force myself update more because readers are dropping dramatically this few weeks =(

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