Thursday, January 20, 2011

Teluk Batik, Sitiawan

This is an overdue post which happened about 2 weeks before when i was in Ipoh.
Gonna briefly write about my Sitiawan day trip with friends.
Teehee :D

Wilson actually planned to go Sitiawan for a long time but no one can make it and idk why the plan was ON after gathered with the bff on the previous day. Sadly, most of them couldn't turn up due to their own activities but never mind, Wilson, Wingfei, Kah Hong & I could make it on that day=)

Wilson, Kah Hong, Wingfei & I

We departed early in the morning and headed to Sitiawan. Wilson's drove us there and met up 2 of his friends (Joyce & Seng Keong) as well as Kah Hong's girlfriend(Vemin) . So, in total, there were 7 of us.
Joyce parents were kinda good, they treated us breakfast and told her daughter to bring us go here & there. So nice of them =)
after taken our breakfast, we headed to Marina Bay.

There was a jetty and usually people will take the ferry and travel to Pulau Pangkor since it's just nearby Sitiawan. It is much more nearer compare to you take ferry from P.P jetty.
Weather was pretty nice & scenery was kinda beautiful.
But honestly, there has nothing much to do besides cycling. perhaps picnic with the family?

Mr.Chan Wing Fei, my maid with my baggie

Vemin & Kah Hong

Nice? small beach over there.

i wish to jump over all this, silly me :S

a type of bicycle that i had never seen before,so cool :)

Seng Keong, Wilson, Wingfei look like kiddy here

What are my boys doing there?

ALIEN!! ahahahaha :p

group pictures taken in Marina Bay

Idk why there are 7 metals balls on the ground, is it some sort of art??

After this, we headed to our destination, Teluk Batik :)
i heard of this place since primary from Kajian Tempatan textbook yet i never been there. Mommy said it's just a normal beach, nothing special yet dirty. So, she never ever bring me there. Surprisingly, we felt that it's way much better than Pulau Pangkor because the sand is softer and the sea water is cleaner.

small pondok

obviously, you know which one is mine right?


Utar Setapak Gang

Joyce, Seng Keong & the couple never want to go near the beach because they said they do not want to get wet =.=
so, at first, only 3 of us siok-ing ourselves while the rest were sitting at the pondok taking care of our belongings. no matter how hard we begged them, they still insist not to go down. Sien!

YEAP KAH HONG, i know you gonna whack me if you see this XD

寂寞先生, emo fella

So, we suggested to play kayak since this activities has the least probabilities to get wet. Wingfei,Wilson & I already planned to pull them down into the sea at this time.
ngek ngek =p

*RM20 per hour*

the most interesting activities of the day isn't kayak or banana boat but it's something called VIBER! this is awesome and very worth playing.

*RM10 per person, max 3 ppl*

Viber :) truly excited!

all the WET cat :DD

We played banana boat as well,RM5 per person only but wasn't that fun. The malay boy never collect the kayak money from us & we all pretending that we had already paid that. Hees =) free gift of the day.

We stayed in Teluk Batik for about 2-3 hours then headed back to Vemin & Joyce house to take bath & lunch in MCD. Last destination before going back to Ipoh was Go Cart.
i played once before in Genting last year because i never get to play that before and i remember the queue was terrible.
However, other than Genting, you can play this in Sitiawan as well.
This only open after 330pm, so, if you want to play this, i suggest to come at night because it's more windy playing at night.

the condition of the car is way more better than in Genting's one esp in terms of SPEED!!
when the person in charge asked : "siapa tak pernah pandu kereta?", i actually rise up my hand. so paiseh to tell people that i have got my driving license yet i seldom drive. he personally taught me where is the break bla bla bla...... at last, i told him i did have my license & the person was like =.="
sorry! >.<

For safety purpose : We have to wear the shower cap & helmet

Ipoh + Sitiawan kaki

So sad that we never get to try the seafood because i got to rush back to kl after dinner.
everyone was so tiring after this.
gonna visit back to this place next time with friends in future =))

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kenny Rogers --> Kopitiam

A very random outing with the bff again. We are like meeting each others very often within a month. Eqing said this outing should be only 2 girls, her & angie but at last, it bumped into whole gang of us. How funny we are =)

so, random gossips with the gangs, updates recent hot topics, discussing where to go on the coming weekend bla bla bla......
anyhow, make sure you guys can make the Sunway Lagoon trip ON ON ON!! i have not been there for quite some time & i'm kinda looking forward.

idk what to write anymore. enjoy the vain pictures of us :D

my best girlfriend & boyfriend

Angie used to name 4 of us as juicy >.<

Angie, me, Karlin, Eqing

So cute of them :)

not to left out the group pic of d day

My girlfriend is forever that silly :)

looks pro, isn't he?

we are the maxi dress lover :DD



both of them are always lovely :)

闺女? absolutely NOT!

nice? i did it all =)

Appreciate every time being with you guys. Friendship never ends.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to December

i'm finally back in action, has been abandoned the bloggie for quite some time.
i've been so busy with the course works recently and finally it comes to the end of it =D
this post might be slightly longer, so, if you wanna have a look on it, be patient.

First of all, December is the most happening month within the year, the day that i'm looking forward for a year falls on this month, which is my birthday =)
well, this year birthday wasn't as great as last year since someone isn't there for me anymore. but thanks the family, siblings and bunch of bff, uni-mates that made up my birthday. How blissful i am =D
last teen's birthday, gonna appreciate that very much.

Alexis, Gardens

guests of the day : See Wei, Chai, Junyi, Wilson

the bff :)

19th birthday =)

mmu's gang, girls power=)

b'day dinner with bro & sis-in-law in Tony Romas, MidValley =)

1 week after my birthday, it's christmas. Again, this year christmas isn't same as last year. I actually never plan to celebrate but at last, i traveled back to Kampar to join the bff for barbecue. I was so sick on that night but still, i enjoyed myself and thanks for the belated birthday cakes =)
i can still played rami with the guys till 2-3am even when i'm sicked.

gift from Wingfei

my gf, karlin

Got back to kl again and met with the girlfriend in MidValley mall on Monday.
She was supposed to join the x'mas celebration but her family was in kl that time, so, she missed the fun. Aww...that's bad!

December is always the best month of the year.
i'm in love with dec because i was born in this month & christmas/new year falls on this month as well. everything is going to be so great =)

will update more recent events on the coming post.
gonna force myself update more because readers are dropping dramatically this few weeks =(