Monday, December 13, 2010

Food Heaven

as you can see from the title that I've written on top, i'm going to write about Jogoyaaaaaa=)

i had been hearing this name for like hundred of times but i never get to go there simply because i felt that it's so expensive for a poor student like me. Their dinner buffet costs RM88++ for a single person (excluded tax).
i personally think that this is a so-called luxurious dinner buffet.

fortunately, this place offered a half price promotion for all the ladies till 17th December. Ladies who ever go there will got herself half price discounts!! =)
that is why i have got an urge to go there so so so badly!

i've been bugging my sister to come kl & go with me. however, my sister couldn't take any leave and i only got See Wei to accompany me.
well, this is kind of a spontaneous decision to go out on last Monday since the girl and i was rotting at home =)

we went off to Berjaya Times Square then only headed to Jogoya for dinner.
we both were a bit over excited to see so many foods there, hungry like hell because both of us had nothing into our stomach for the entire morning/noon.
2 little girls took pretty much of things & we did enjoy our time there.


variety of choices.
*nom nom*

Yea, this is Haagen-Dazzzzzzzs ice-cream, the desserts of the day.
the ah moi took all the flavors(11 types) and we managed to finished all that included other scopes of New Zealand natural ice-cream.
okay, don't be too surprise because we both can really eat a lot.

the christmas decorations inside Jogoya.

We dined in at 630pm and we got to go at around 830pm because there is a time limitations for every single tables, idk why. maybe to prevent customers who sit there keep eating & eating? LOL

The dinner cost us around RM117. we felt pretty satisfied after the dinner, very berry full.
we then headed to Pavilion to see the "snow-falling" but we failed to see that =(
i thought it started to "snow" at 830pm but who knows, it's actually started at 8pm.

ughh, we missed that. anyway, the decorations over there is beautiful.

Last but not least, happy Merry X'mas in advance.
hopefully i have a bunch of lovely ones besides me in this coming x'mas.

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Henry Tan said...

yerrrr! sumore need to post in blog worrr! envy die! hungry die! =(((