Sunday, December 5, 2010


It's a pretty Sunday with the lovely one in Purple Cane Tea House.
i heard it before when i was in kl, i even see their shop around in the shopping mall but i never want to enter because i'm not interested in buying any chinese tea either :)

well, as for in ipoh, i guess this should be a very new place for the yum-cha kaki, isn't it?
the environment is pretty comfort & nice, the staffs are kinda friendly as well.
it also provided free wifi service. it this good enough? LOL
fyi, it located in the old富山.
i personally like to give a thumbs up to this place, awesome!

chinese name of Purple Cane

Eric cacat face, cik-chak :)

my cacat nails colour :( i wanna go for manicure.

the girlfriend always like to do silly things

do i look slightly higher with wilson's cap on my head?

right after that, we went off to the PC SHOW which held in stadium. it's the last day of promotion so basically you can have a good bargain for the items.
有杀错,没放过? it should be something like this, heees :)
never like to go pc fair on the 1st day because of the crowds. it can be horrible >.<

Wilson grabbed 3 items for himself, an external disk, a keypad and net book cooler which cost him not even RM200, worth enough right? whereas Eric grabbed a cooler and a mouse for himself.

my hair looks like shit :(

i wanted to get a new headset so so so badly because my previous earphone had spoiled.
you wouldn't know how my days without my earphone :(
yea, earphone is always at my side. no music, no life! hell yea.
so, i managed to grab a cheap earphone for myself finallyyyyyy.


the end of this post, sayonora

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