Friday, December 31, 2010


Hi, today is 31/12/2010, the last day of this year.
are you ready to welcome the new year in a few hours time?

alright, i shall write a conclusion for this year, and to myself.
throughout this whole year, i learned a lot and i had grown up too.
there were pretty much of ups & downs. i fall and i stood up once again.
the saddest things throughout this year wasn't i left utar, broke up,exams or whatever shits but rather, i lost 2 of my beloved family members within a year.
i miss them already! i'm wondering how are they in their wonderland.

i left ipoh & kampar and study at a place where friends are all not around, a new kick start for myself. I'm satisfy with what i have right now. I don't hope for more, but i hope for something new, a brand new environment as well as a brand new me!!
On the coming new year, i wish that i can sweep away all the sadness and please, bring me back my happiness. I had lost part of it =(

I have a few wishes, i know no one can actually helps me to make my wish come true but somehow, i would like to share it out here.

For family:
Of course, i wish mom & dad have a great year ahead, take good care of themselves and 发发发 =) and for the siblings, wish that they can get a baby as soon as possible. i guess mommy has been looking forward for quite some time, and i'm looking forward to have a nice/nephew as well. i'm pretty sure that i'm a good 阿姨/姑姐.
Heees =D

For friends:
Most of my loves one are still persue-ing their studies , all the best to them and they are 1 step closer to their teenages' dream. Uni's life is definitely rocksss! i'll enjoy myself to the max before i graduate, i swear! For those who's working, i wish that they can get a higher pay, earn as much as they can.

For studies:
Alright, hopefully i won't be hugging buddha's leg every time before exam/assignments. I should force myself to be slightly hardworking. i'm going to stick my ass on the chair every night to study before exams. I ain't greedy, i don't wish that i myself can really score a 4 flats because it's like so far from me? 1st class honor is more than enough! Go Go Go=D

For relationships:
Haih. i'm a typical failure here. why on earth i must ended up being like that? there was once a choice for me, but i gave him up and of course, he hurts. I'm single yet i think i'm still not available yet. I'm waiting the right perfect man to brighten up my life. Please let me know if you think you can do everything for me, and love me as well. Mom, i think it should be acceptable if i'm in a relationship, isn't it?





what else to write here? Hmph.
oh ya, left out something important.
World Peace please. Disasters,please shooo away.

Happy New Year peeps.
I'll always love you

p/s: will update about recent outings soon.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm back in action finally =)

2010 is about to end soon, i mean real soon.
what have you done throughout this year? Did you feel happy throughout this whole year?
as for me, 50-50!

there are so much things that i'll never forget, it's definitely something memorable.
thank you everyone who helped me, take care of me, and love me as well.
and i'm so sorry if i did anything wrong to you or the others? i'm stubborn for most of the time, i'm very straight forward, i never think of others feeling.
so, i'm sincerely apologize here if i had did/said anything that hurts you.

I guess it's time to have some surprises in the coming new year.
things has been going on so ordinary. i always like something special, something extraordinary!
what to do?

Hmph >.<

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

冬至快乐 :)


alright, this is always not my favourite because i don't prefer something very sweet & every year when mommy made this, i will just take 1 or 2 cups, not more than that actually.
there was quite a few years i never eat this even though mommy made this at home.
i'm soooooo guilty >.<
*slap myself, wake up*

i started to miss those round-tiny-little-chewy-sticky-ball named 汤圆 that made by mommy.
i miss my home already.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Food Heaven

as you can see from the title that I've written on top, i'm going to write about Jogoyaaaaaa=)

i had been hearing this name for like hundred of times but i never get to go there simply because i felt that it's so expensive for a poor student like me. Their dinner buffet costs RM88++ for a single person (excluded tax).
i personally think that this is a so-called luxurious dinner buffet.

fortunately, this place offered a half price promotion for all the ladies till 17th December. Ladies who ever go there will got herself half price discounts!! =)
that is why i have got an urge to go there so so so badly!

i've been bugging my sister to come kl & go with me. however, my sister couldn't take any leave and i only got See Wei to accompany me.
well, this is kind of a spontaneous decision to go out on last Monday since the girl and i was rotting at home =)

we went off to Berjaya Times Square then only headed to Jogoya for dinner.
we both were a bit over excited to see so many foods there, hungry like hell because both of us had nothing into our stomach for the entire morning/noon.
2 little girls took pretty much of things & we did enjoy our time there.


variety of choices.
*nom nom*

Yea, this is Haagen-Dazzzzzzzs ice-cream, the desserts of the day.
the ah moi took all the flavors(11 types) and we managed to finished all that included other scopes of New Zealand natural ice-cream.
okay, don't be too surprise because we both can really eat a lot.

the christmas decorations inside Jogoya.

We dined in at 630pm and we got to go at around 830pm because there is a time limitations for every single tables, idk why. maybe to prevent customers who sit there keep eating & eating? LOL

The dinner cost us around RM117. we felt pretty satisfied after the dinner, very berry full.
we then headed to Pavilion to see the "snow-falling" but we failed to see that =(
i thought it started to "snow" at 830pm but who knows, it's actually started at 8pm.

ughh, we missed that. anyway, the decorations over there is beautiful.

Last but not least, happy Merry X'mas in advance.
hopefully i have a bunch of lovely ones besides me in this coming x'mas.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life is full of choices but the god damn thingy is,
it's neither for you to choose nor you ignore.
It involves some complicated relationship where it takes time to be done.

However, i choose to give up in this.
i don't know how to make a good decision to make everyone besides me feels happy.
so, i would rather be a coward, trying to avoid unnecessary problems.

I'm so sorry.
I do believe, time heals everything :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

肥仔, 生日快乐

It's a birthday celebration for 肥仔, Chee Wei.

okay, from the picture above, you might be wondering why people called him 肥仔 right?
sorry, idk why also.
from the 1st day i knew him, his name is 肥仔 already.
heees :)

we dined in Cocoon, a western restaurant which located in Greentown, Ipoh.

i knew this place from SinChew Daily, they recommended this restaurant and it got my attention! the foods got me drooling! most importantly, it isn't expensive.
their set lunch & set dinner is kinda cheap.

environment is good, price is reasonable, nice place!!

just fyi, i went to this place on Monday with them and i got back to the same place on Thursday with my friend again. and now, i feel like going back again.
I missed their carbonara oh-so-muchieee!

recently i'm in love with carbonara! hell, it's so creamy

picture quality isn't that good but trust me, this is truly niceee (RM12.90)

my another favourite, mussels (6 pieces,RM11.90)

this is what i dislike the most, Caesar salad. Yiukk!

celebration started off with some gossip, dinner & cam-whore.

i'm in love with my new toy, Canon G-12 power shot :))

Angie, yours truly, Sharon

肥仔 & Jasmine

Bearhung, 肥仔 , Wilson

Bearhung, 肥仔, Kar Yee & Sook Sean

stop cam-whore-ing and it's time for the b'day boy to blow off his birthday cake :)
he always have a great smile on his face and his dimple is so adorable.
envy laaa! i got no dimples on my face :(

Happy Birthday Edwin @ Chee Wei

with the burfday boy

Jasmine, came back not long ago from New Zealand


group picture

girls power =DD

Aww, december baby is the best.
you'll know it later :)

p/s: photos will be uploaded soon yea. sorry


Sunday, December 5, 2010


It's a pretty Sunday with the lovely one in Purple Cane Tea House.
i heard it before when i was in kl, i even see their shop around in the shopping mall but i never want to enter because i'm not interested in buying any chinese tea either :)

well, as for in ipoh, i guess this should be a very new place for the yum-cha kaki, isn't it?
the environment is pretty comfort & nice, the staffs are kinda friendly as well.
it also provided free wifi service. it this good enough? LOL
fyi, it located in the old富山.
i personally like to give a thumbs up to this place, awesome!

chinese name of Purple Cane

Eric cacat face, cik-chak :)

my cacat nails colour :( i wanna go for manicure.

the girlfriend always like to do silly things

do i look slightly higher with wilson's cap on my head?

right after that, we went off to the PC SHOW which held in stadium. it's the last day of promotion so basically you can have a good bargain for the items.
有杀错,没放过? it should be something like this, heees :)
never like to go pc fair on the 1st day because of the crowds. it can be horrible >.<

Wilson grabbed 3 items for himself, an external disk, a keypad and net book cooler which cost him not even RM200, worth enough right? whereas Eric grabbed a cooler and a mouse for himself.

my hair looks like shit :(

i wanted to get a new headset so so so badly because my previous earphone had spoiled.
you wouldn't know how my days without my earphone :(
yea, earphone is always at my side. no music, no life! hell yea.
so, i managed to grab a cheap earphone for myself finallyyyyyy.


the end of this post, sayonora

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mid-term-break :)

just to update you guys that i'm still alive :)
i'm currently enjoying my 1 week trimester break in ipoh with the families & friends.
my home/room is the best place ever in the world, so comfy, especially my queen size bed! ♥

having a mixed feeling during this period. What the hell i'm thinking for? Kay, i really feel like i'm shittttt enough for saying that to someone. I knew its hurt but please, give me some time to settle this. I'm always that selfish, i'll just think for the sake of my own goods without taking care of the others feeling.

Ughhh! Lee Yan Yee, you're a real bad girl.
no matter how it gonna be, there is one thing that will never change, our memories!

Pissed off.