Sunday, November 28, 2010

House of Joy ♥

I'm suppose busy rushing my financial management & marketing assignment and my up-coming moral test which all due on THIS FRIDAY!
but wth is i'm so headache doing the finance thingy. Sigh!
so, please allow me to blog here because i'm like having overload tension right now. who else to be blamed this time? I myself loh, last minute again! :(

okay,put away my work for a while first. I'm going to write about my orphanage visit on yesterday.
yeah, do you hear me? is orphanage house!!

My group and other friends tagged along the Care club, Mmu to pay a visit to an orphanage house, House of Joy which located somewhere in Puchong. We gathered at campus at 2pm and reached there around 245pm.

I actually went there for the sake of completing my moral assignment II. sounds bad isn't it?
i got a very important task on that day, which is being the camera-man! yea,seriously i need to 交货 in my assignment II >.<

Group-mates : guan kiat, see wei, dephany, ME, yoke lee

The place had abit out-of-my-expectation.
the location was kind of hard to find (somewhere near the hill)

Secondly, the environment there wasn't that good

Thirdly, the kiddy were all a bit over-active (my own opinion)

We had been staying there for about 2 hours. We made/designed a christmas card for every single kids, ice-breaking, played games (balloons) and of course, gave away those foods,drink & snacks that being brought there.

Vege that being sponsored by others

Snacks that being brought there

My very 1st handmade x'mas card. LOL

friends with their handmade x'mas cards

oh yea, there was a thing that i don't like actually, some of the kids have no manner at all.
when you're like giving something, they will just grab grab grab, not even a thank you? well, at least give some respect, a simple thank you will do.
Sorry yea, although they're kids, but still, i'm quite mind about this.

Overall, it was a meaningful day. Out of a sudden, i felt that i'm so lovely?

Group picture

That's all for this post, shall hit back to the finance assignment.
Duhhhhh :(

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