Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hola! i'm back in action.
I know my blog is half dead, so what? who cares?

currently got nothing to busy with, got no special occasions/events to join either. bored to the max! it's going to be week 4 of my trimester 2, how good if it's week 7 or week 12 now so that i've a short break! I'm getting so bored to my daily routine right now, yea, NOW! especially the time taken/spent in campus. FML!

I just wish the class will starts as usual because i'm getting so fed up of waiting & taking bus to campus just because of the 1/2 hours tutorial or perhaps some 1 hour lecture class? after that, going back to my place again, another 1 1/2 hours gone at least. WTH!

I don't think staying in library waiting brother to fetch me back could be better,i suppose it will be the same. well, something better is i have got a new place to hang around recently, guess where it is, is hostel!
thanks to the girls for letting me to kacau,this place would be much more better than library. at least, this is somewhere new to me :)

i'm wishing to join some events but, i just can't! wanted to join netball and find back the passion that i used to have it when i teamed with my high school mates. i ain't joining any on-air activities in deejay club this trimester due to my time & my partner. too bad, i really wish to on-air & crap it myself.

something strange actually happened to me which is i'll study my notes when i'm bored! Okay, this is real weird. i used to study before exams but this is the very 1st time my study mode ON not because of this. I shall keep this up because i wanna score better in this trimester. This trimester is tough, subjects are more on maths, and my maths is kinda poor! I just simply hates something to do with numbers, calculations and formulas. Ughh ="(

I don't really like people to doubt me just because they are smarter then me, whatever i said, they doubt. Unless i provide something real, or else, they actually thought i'm talking nonsense. i know i look odd here, but that's me :)

craving for something lately, wishing to have part-time jobs because i don't feel like using my ptptn money to buy that. oh yea, searching something to make myself feels better today in shopping mall but ended up nothing. Wanna get myself a new baggie/clothes because of the past results, wanna encourage myself to move further. I do need compliments. No one cares about that, even YOU! not even a single things from you, as what u'd promised me last time.

Well,I shall stop here. this post isn't something happy to share about, is something that i wanna tell but couldn't find any way better than here, my blog! Readers,thank you for spending at least your 5 minutes here. Have a nice day!

Life is about adapting, not complaining, i know!

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