Saturday, November 20, 2010


In the past 19 years, i might not spend enough time with you,most likely paying a visit to you once a year, but you're always good to everyone of us.
I should be rather glad because you could have gone to a better place after you leave us, heaven!
I know that you'll definitely be fine staying in heaven, watching every single of us, making sure that we are all doing fine.

No matter how heavy my heart is, i still have to say goodbye to you! Yea, this is what we call "life" where everyone have to gone through. I could hardly accept that i lost 2 of my beloved family members within the same year. Why must it be like that? WHY?

Anyhow, i still can't control my tears rolling down whenever i reminisced all the old good times that mum & i spent with you. Everything that happened was so closed yet so far.

Popo, i know we'll be blessed by you!
Take care!
I miss you :(

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