Monday, October 11, 2010

Gua Tempurung, Gopeng, Perak

finally i've something to write about. seriously, i feel like updating my blog everyday since i got nothing to do at home. but, ideas never come across my mind.
blog about outing/yum cha? no way! i'm getting bored of this already. i don't wish my readers complain my blog is so dull.

well, this time i'm going to write about my Gua Tempurung 1 day adventure trip in Gopeng, Perak. From the very 1st trimester in utar's foundation, we planned to go there.We mentioned this place very often but ended up......nothing. This time, we managed to go there, and we were like...awww,finally we can go! hahahaha=p

thanks to the planner, Wilson Mah.

entrance of the cave

we gathered at Eqing's house around 830am and headed to Gopeng for breakfast. it was just a 10-15 minutes drive from Ipoh to Gopeng (a small town nearby ipoh). Things that we gonna prepare are:

  • Torch Light
  • Extra clothes & pants to change
  • A pair of good-walking shoes (my 1st nike shoes RIP ad)
  • Water bottles
  • Slippers (you can wear it after)
  • Towel (to take bath)

Gua Tempurung is actually a massive limestone cave. There are 4 kind of tours available, depending on how challenge you want your trip to be and how much time you have on hand. We guys chosen the most challenging package, which was the GRAND TOUR.

seee! paling mencabar. LOL

before the journey started =) group picture!

Woots, journey started!

spot the staircase! that's what we must have to walk through (basic level)

We walked through all those staircase, about 2++ staircases and we stopped at central point for a short nap. Ups & downs, up & downs is really OMG for the people who have low stamina like me!!

Top: Fido, me, Michael, BearHung, Wilson, WingFei
Bottom: Karlin, Angie, Eqing, MingHan

after the short nap, we had to continue our journey. We walked through mainly the underground water. The interesting part of the journey is the rocks climbing & sliding rocks! We got to climb the rocks, of course, with the assistance and help from the guys. Sliding rocks is quite fun. The guys were brave enough to go down first because they gonna "stop" us at down there.

pictures grabbed from Google, our camera couldn't capture any nice quality pictures in the black cave

right after the sliding rocks, we gonna do this. Jump into a hole in order to continue our way to the exit.

Again, we got to walk through the underground water and we had to crawl over the water/duck walk some more. This place is only enough for 1 person to crawl over. It's very narrow and dark inside. You couldn't see anything without the torch light. So, torch light is a must if you plan to visit here. We thought of there's only this certain place we got to crawl over the water, who knows, we crawled it again and again, tiring enough!!

some stones are sharp enough so beware of it. Wilson and those people who carried the bags were brilliant enough because they didn't get their bags wet. Phones & cameras are all well-protected! =)

exactly same like this, picture grabbed from Google

This Grand Tour took about 4 hours to be completed because there were lots of other peoples joining in and many stops are made. We gotta wait and helped out the others so it took a longer to complete the whole journey.

Karlin, me, Eqing - see how tired we are

Wilson named us as 冲锋队 because we walked in front of them

the partners who helped each other

The gay partner of the day, MingHan & Feifei

tired but worth enough =) 任务成功! Mission completed.

Overall, wasn't that bad, a good experience for every one of us. but i guess, i won't go back for twice unless someone beg me to go. hahaha =p

For more information, you can log on to Gue Tempurung website, click HERE.

Quote of the day: "人家给钱做飞虎队,我们却自己出钱,自己做飞虎队!"

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