Friday, October 1, 2010

Gold Coast( Bagan Lalang)

Gold Coast in Sepang?
okay, this is definitely not the place that you think of in Australia, it's in Malaysia!
although G.Coast Sepang (Bagan Lalang) itself isn't as nice as the paradise-like beach in Aussie but i'm pretty satisfied after i have been there.

i love the white sandy beach oh-so-much. the sand is so soft :)
thanks to Henry for bringing me there, of course, not to left out my girl, See Wei.
thank you for the half day trip indeed.
we were first worried about the weather because it's raining in the afternoon but by the time we went there, the skies were so blue, lucky us.

*spot the clear blue sky

we were busy looking for the crabby because the girl and I never seen them before, and finally, able to see a lot of little crabby. Yehh!

*the crabby is on their palm

had a walk along the beach and it was just so fine to do that. Aww, i like that!
did some stuff that i used to do whenever i go seaside.

*our name

*me, myself

*our footprint, guess which one is mine?

*the biggest crabby that we've caught that day

*do you know what is this?

*the death crab

* poor jellyfish

*stingray without tails

* our rainbow ice-cream

the girl wanted to play kite so badly so she bought herself a kite at the nearby malay stall.
unfortunately, it wasn't that windy but still,managed to fly up the kites at last. (credits to henry)

pity me, couldn't find any big size crabby & fly up the kites

time flies without any notice, it's evening! the time that we're waiting for, SUNSET!!

last but not least, group pictures of the day =)

*see wei


this was the last place that i went to in my 1st trimester in MMU.
i'm glad because i knew both of you, it truly my pleasure :)
happy holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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