Monday, October 25, 2010

The girlfriend's big day :)

This girl, Sharon Teo Kar Lin







She's one of my best girlfriends. She is now officially 19th, she doesn't really have much changed compare to last year, still the same her. She got her own characters. She can be wild & she can be very soft too. She will help you whenever you need help. She loves to try on something new. She likes to be mature. She can be like 2 different person when she dressed up nicely & put on her make up. She looks very cincai when she stay at home. She loves to play those smart games. She has a good temper. She never get mad in front of the others. She knows a little magic and she's one of my loved ones :)

We used to worked together in Bumcity for about 3 months

Our 1st valentine's day in Ipoh Parade

We pakat to rebond our hair once we get our salary :)

We used to hike in Menglembu Hill

We used to went for aerobic class on every monday, wednesday & friday

We used to share 1 earphone while having class

We used to cam-whore in the toilet when we got nothing to do

We used to walk to school under the hot sun together

Your last year b'day in Ala Iai

Our 1st halloween party in Barroom

Our Gatsby Press Conference, a splendid projects that we done together

Our 1st x'mas celebration in Grand Kampar

Our very yeong-sui home look

Our girls pet, cowy series :)

Girl, thanks for being my friend. I'm very glad to know you. Wishing you all the best in everything and we will be bestie forever.

Happy Sweet 19th Birthday, Sharon Teo!

p/s: Guys, she's single and available. Heehees =)

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