Saturday, October 16, 2010

B'day Celebration

On last Thursday, we had pre-celebrated Yen Wei's & Chao Pei's birthday at Kizuna One, a Japanese cuisine which located at Ipoh Royal Golf Club. When i first heard about this, I thought this is the one that i went before in Ipoh Garden East. I didn't know that is actually 2 Kizuna branches in Ipoh. By the way, i prefer Kizuna One more :)

the entrance

their decorations at the corridor

the interior of Kizuna One

13 of us had a splendid dinner and we get to met each other after some time. People who attended the dinner are YenWei, Eqing, Karlin, Angie & Michael,Ebel & Chao Pei, Wilson, WingFei, Kher Xien, Reuben, Bob and I =)

the b'day girl, Chung Yen Wei

the b'day boy, Cheong Yoong Jenn

We spent most of our time taking pictures here and there. CHUNG YEN WEI is a camera-maniac. She loves to take pictures. Yea, tones of picssssss =.="
i wish to be like this too but unfortunately, i don't have a pro-camera nor a nice camera phone Aww, how sad :(

i wanna get myself a camera!! i don't need a DSLR, i just need a nice camera that i likey. although i don't owe that for now, but i still manage to take plenty of pictures using my friend's camera.
let's pictures do the talking part. enjoy!

she was so surprised when bob gave her the flowers

making her wishes

the love birds, very lovely

my food :) the udon is very scrumptious!

the b'day girl, Yen Wei & Eqing

other b'day boy, Yoong Jenn @ Chao Pei

Ebel, chao pei's gf & Angie

You can always see 3 of us sticking together in most of the outing, Eqing & Sharon

D handsome housemates ever, WingFei & Wilson

D girls

Michael Loo, he used to call me 奶妈

Reuben Foo, knew him since foundation sem1

Vook Kean @ Bob, reuben's best bro

Kher Xien, the god!

our group picture, nice one!

i get to know Yen Wei & Chao Pei in utar, gone through at least 2 semesters there and we had lots memories. Yen Wei & I left utar and currently studying at different campus. it's not easy to gather with each other,so i appreciate every single outing.

All the best friends!
Last but not least, happy 19th birthday to the October's baby.

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