Friday, October 22, 2010

As what i heard, the results is only going to release on 23th of October(saturday) but it came out on 22nd =.=" what a big surprise for me!!

i was still having class that time and when i saw the face-book updates from the mmuians, i was freaking nervous and i was shivering that time. I got tensed up and i'm so worried about that.
i couldn't checked my results through mobile and i can't leave the class too. Can you imagine how frustrated i am on that particular moment? My lecturer was teaching the slides and most of the students wasn't paying attention. They were busy smsing, calling friends to check for them.

A friend of mine helped me to check from her mobile and thanks god, i scored more than i could.
most of my friends hit 3 pointer, some even get 4 flats. Congrats to those who get flying colors :)
I felt like flying up to the sky when i knew my results. It's not very good for you maybe but i'm pretty satisfied though. Lot's of them get more than i but who cares? but actually i was cheating myself. I told myself not to jealous,not to envy and i failed to do it. in the bottom of my heart, i did jealous!! I was thinking why they can get higher than me? I was being a bit emo when i think about that but after a good sleep, i'm alright with that. Why jealous? others might jealous for what I have too :)

i should remember this for life because this is so meant and useful to console myself.

There are still a lot to improve and i'll achieve what i want one day.
I believe others can do it, i myself can do it too.
Why not right?

Quote for myself : 不必羡慕别人,自己尽力了就好!管它是1st class honour还是什么 :)

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