Sunday, October 17, 2010

1st trimester break in mmu has officially ended. well, 2 weeks holiday is not enough for me. someone is hoping for their new trimester to come so soon while i'm the one who's wishing to have more holidays. perhaps you can say i'm lazy! LOL
i felt so reluctant to leave my hometown and head back to kl. i knew i'll back ipoh very often, but still, it's so heavy to say goodbye.

whenever i think of those assignments, presentations, i feel so pathetic.
Ughhhh, i'm actually "pre-shouting" my stress here. paisehhh
I'm going to take 7 subjects in my trimester 2.
but i guess, busy is always that better than complaining bored right? hopefully everything will turns good. * finger crossed*

so, hello trimester 2, byebye holidays. *waving hands*
i'm so going to switch off all my holiday's mode and on back the study mode right now. will it works?

i'm pretty satisfied on what i did during this holidays. On the other hand,I felt guilty too because i went out almost everyday with different peoples. I don't know this is good or bad. Good as in i got friends to hang out while bad as in i spent $$ on every outing. By the way, ipoh is way too bored man! is either Ipoh Parade or Kinta City, tell me where else i can go?

I can tell you number of places to eat but if you ask me where to play, i really got no idea about this. Please build more shopping complex,plssssss.

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