Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm not sure i did misunderstood her or what, well, doesn't really important.
i just simply dislike the way she are. yea, i got no right to say any single words but if it relates to me, then i guess i've the right to voice out right?

i'm not sure she will read this post or not, if she's my so-called-"fans", guess she will update my blog very frequent. well, if is none of your business, then please, don't disturb.
you got to right to know whoever you know, but i guess you're only interested in MY friends.
if you wanted to know everything, just come to me. or else, i will categorize you under "stalker". don't deny that, you deserve to be this!

please don't tell me every little things that you did are coincidence or what, i'm not kiddy, i wouldn't believe that. if evry single things are coincidence, then when you link it up, it is definitely not!! i don't know what is your purpose of doing all this, maybe for the sake of making yourself feels better? or you just simply wanted to mix into my life.

unfortunately, you're not welcome to join in. you can say i'm ego or any other else, i won't care.
i won't stop you both for being friends, i won't do anything on it. i will just keep quiet and shut-up from now onwards. woohoo!
just go ahead and do whatever you like. anyhow, thank you for disturbing me.

You've definitely lighten up my life, my life isn't that dull now.

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