Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hi peeps. I'm back =D
exam ended on 30/9/2010-11am,indicated that my 1st trimester in MMU had officially ended :)
last paper that i had was financial accounting, studied till 5am in the morning together with s.wei before the exam.

* messy accounting notes*

the girl and I was too excited right after the exam, we both don't really bother about how the results will be,most importantly,enjoy the 2 weeks holiday first! woots =D

first place to go is to have our brunch- Bak Kut Teh.
since don't know when i became bak kutt teh fans. recently craving for nice shop to have for bak kut teh. aww,i wanna go klang to try out their bak kut teh!

next,Pavilion. honestly,i never been there before. *paiseh*

*random pictures*

felt exhausted after this because i got insufficient sleep since the exam started.
i slept at 3+ am then 7+am woke up and went to campus almost everyday.
haih. my dark eye circles is kinda serious and my skin condition is getting worst just because of the 2 weeks examination.

well, hopefully hard work will pay off and last-minutes work will turns good too.
Goodnite =)

gonna update Gold Coast, Sepang post tomorrow.
stay tuned guys.

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