Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hi peeps. I'm back =D
exam ended on 30/9/2010-11am,indicated that my 1st trimester in MMU had officially ended :)
last paper that i had was financial accounting, studied till 5am in the morning together with s.wei before the exam.

* messy accounting notes*

the girl and I was too excited right after the exam, we both don't really bother about how the results will be,most importantly,enjoy the 2 weeks holiday first! woots =D

first place to go is to have our brunch- Bak Kut Teh.
since don't know when i became bak kutt teh fans. recently craving for nice shop to have for bak kut teh. aww,i wanna go klang to try out their bak kut teh!

next,Pavilion. honestly,i never been there before. *paiseh*

*random pictures*

felt exhausted after this because i got insufficient sleep since the exam started.
i slept at 3+ am then 7+am woke up and went to campus almost everyday.
haih. my dark eye circles is kinda serious and my skin condition is getting worst just because of the 2 weeks examination.

well, hopefully hard work will pay off and last-minutes work will turns good too.
Goodnite =)

gonna update Gold Coast, Sepang post tomorrow.
stay tuned guys.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

accidentally listened this from tv just now.
kinda nice and meaningful.
just wanna share it here.

enjoy =)

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm not sure i did misunderstood her or what, well, doesn't really important.
i just simply dislike the way she are. yea, i got no right to say any single words but if it relates to me, then i guess i've the right to voice out right?

i'm not sure she will read this post or not, if she's my so-called-"fans", guess she will update my blog very frequent. well, if is none of your business, then please, don't disturb.
you got to right to know whoever you know, but i guess you're only interested in MY friends.
if you wanted to know everything, just come to me. or else, i will categorize you under "stalker". don't deny that, you deserve to be this!

please don't tell me every little things that you did are coincidence or what, i'm not kiddy, i wouldn't believe that. if evry single things are coincidence, then when you link it up, it is definitely not!! i don't know what is your purpose of doing all this, maybe for the sake of making yourself feels better? or you just simply wanted to mix into my life.

unfortunately, you're not welcome to join in. you can say i'm ego or any other else, i won't care.
i won't stop you both for being friends, i won't do anything on it. i will just keep quiet and shut-up from now onwards. woohoo!
just go ahead and do whatever you like. anyhow, thank you for disturbing me.

You've definitely lighten up my life, my life isn't that dull now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

D way i study (in secret receipe)

library used to be my 2nd-home during exam period since form 3 but now, i'm no longer a "library kaki".would more likely to study at some place that provided a comfy sofa and air-conditioned.

1 down, 4 more to go.
good luck people.
miss the peoples, miss the parents, miss the sister, miss the friends.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

for no reason, i was being down. everything comes to me in a sudden, yea, A SUDDEN!
i can barely remember there was someone telling me he/she will be there when i need him/her.

when i think of telling him/her, i can't even say a single words because i don't know what can i say.
alright, guess he/she is not the one that i wanted to talk to.
luckily the girl came to me yesterday, after the phoned call, i felt so so soooo relief.
perhaps girls understand girls more or she understand this kind of feeling?
i won't really care about this, whatever will do.

wanted to have a walk now.
i really 顶不顺!

it's all bullshit after all.
and now only i realized about this, damn shit.

p/s: sorry for being rude!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

5sc1/5sc2 gathering

Sorry, this is going to be another outing post on last Sunday.
bear with me, thank you!
so, this is my high school gathering or i should say 5sc1 & 5sc2 gathering.

i thought many people attending but most of them couldn't turned up because of exam.
how sad! WONG JIE YING, why you didn't come!!!
gathering held at My Point Cafe, located at Ipoh Garden East also.

not much picture taken on that day just a few pictures with the darlingss.
oh yea, had pre-celebrated Fiona's b'day on that day too.

Organizer aka 5sc1 monitor aka my laopo - Catherine Lee

5sc2 monitor, my class punya! used to ke-po 2gada in class last time - Suit Yee
she's studying in MMU too, but her branch is in malacca

last but not least, Fiona Loo. my primary+ secondary best friends.

Happy Birthday darl =)

get to met some long-time-no-see-classmates/schoolmates on that day.
feels good =)

Ding's farewell

This post was specially dedicated to one my friend,Ding Yoong Shen.
he just left M'sia on 15/9, going to pursue his studies in UK.

Junyi had organized a farewell for Ding on Saturday's afternoon.
Eqing suggested to go Eastern hotel but we didn't know it was closed until we reached there.
so, i suggested Kizuna, a japanese restuarant which located at Ipoh Garden East.

their menu

decoration inside Kizuna

Sushi that the girls ordered

my greetea soba, not nice =(

had a great time with ding, chai, junyi, eqing & karlin.
thought of having our meal in those room but all was fully-booked.
let's picture do the part.

Main character fo the day- Ding

Organizer of the farewell, my best brother - Junyi Lim

Guest of the day, USM kaki - Chai

D hot chics

the brothers - Chai, Ding, Junyi

D girls with Ding

Eqing is arranging the angle

Group picture of the day, sweet ♥

after our lunch, headed to Takahashi (another Japanese Restaurant inside Jusco) for Haagen-Daz but the promotion had ended so we changed to Da Garden, Strawberry Moment.

their menu, looks tempting right? esp girls who like strawberry

Junyi said i looked fat =(

Eqing said i looked better in this way, means cover up all my face*cry*

pinkish family

my dessert,情人舟

had a walk after this.
quite a number of new shop lots since i last went there.
guess this is going to be a very happening place esp weekends.

Ding sent karlin back house then the guys and me hunting for our dinner in somewhere else.
finally, decided to have it in 南侨茶餐室.
a very old place which famous for ,大碌面 &大炒 and many other more.

all time favourite - chicken wings

lala, my super super favourite

dinner of the day. sorry for the cacat skill

ding sent me back home after this and the guys went for movie & pool.
was too tired so didn't join them.

Ding, all the best in UK.
looking forward to our next outing =)

Monday, September 13, 2010

I promised Kar Boon that i will update about our outing and pictures taken on last Friday but i leave it till now.
well,manage to update my bloggie already, sorry boy>.< href="">

it's very crowded when we went there. waited for the seats & foods about an hour =.="
shouldn't went there on holiday, next time i will dabao since its sooooo near to my house.

after that, we both planned to go Starbucks but again, it's so crowded there.
there is only ONE branch here. someone should take the franchise and open a new 星巴克.

ended up we both went to Old Town Kopitiam which is near to my place.
he helped me update my lappie, installed something to me and he kept complaining that my lappie is soooo sloww. he wanted to format my lappie =.="

thanks for the day. you're always my best friends =)
waiting you to come back kl.
i wanna go Nottingham and please bring me to eat Kajang satey & i wanted to go Broga Hill.
hehehe =p

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Holiday :)

i had my very last presentation in my 1st trimester this afternoon.
it's like i'm looking for so long and finally it's ended.
whee =D
took some pictures with groupmates before they left :)

can't even see my eyes =.="

see wei

with see wei & shera (笑到见牙不见眼)

sunny & rui li (china)

wedding picture?

4 of us :)

my management group member

lastly, my new friend in campus, Guan Kiat :)

i have no time to play because final exam is approaching, it's on 21st of Sept!! ='(
still, i would like to enjoy my coming gathering in Ipoh 1st.
1 farewell for my friend that going to leave m'sia soon & 1 high school gathering on this coming weekend, kinda looking forward.

wonders why some of friend are so free,keep dating me.
by right, after this outing in ipoh, i wanna focus more on exam because i wish to score well in my 1st test in MMU :)

alright, happy raya holiday peeps!
enjoy ♥

Monday, September 6, 2010

Out of a sudden, i miss 6 of them.

i miss the time we stayed under the same roof.
i miss our 1st home party.
i miss out time hanging out in Tesco looking for ingredients.
i miss our 1st home-made dinner.

Teo Kar Lin - the one who used to help me in academics

Chong Yee Ching- the one who used to play & crap with me

Wilson Mah - the one who used to update me what clothes/pants that he bought

Eric Teh - the one used to update me about By2 & those cute funny little things

Chan Wing Fei - the one who used to call me "lenglui"

Yeap Kah Hong - the one that i used to bully

they are all my ex-housemates, the member of the lia's family.
i'm pek chek while i'm studying just now, and my mind came across you all.
i miss the time when we're fighting for exam.

Guys, do you still remember no Restaurant City? no this no that and that.........?
last time when my mood wasn't on, i will went over their room/downstairs and slacked around, then backed to my studies again. now? i can't do anything!
used to "mamak" quite frequent during the exam period, took some time to relax and chilled with friends, now?

sorry guys! i just miss my old times very much so i would like to share it out.
i know i should look forward.

last but not least, good luck peeps!
i know we can!

mamalia rocks ♥