Monday, August 2, 2010

我们这一家 PART II

So, this is the 2nd part of the outing with the lia's.
I had suggested to go for moutain climbing on sunday's morning but since eqing's leg got injured so plan has been cancel.
again, i requested to go somewhere else before i go back to kl.
the guys suggested Gunung Lang but ended up with dim sum only.
well, better than none, so everyone is ON except eric because he got to go to church.

alright, i was still in my dreamland when wilson has already reached my house.
luckily the message woke me ip, or else, i think i will miss it.
so, we went for dim sum in 玉福满, one of the famous place for dimsum.
the most famous place should be 富山 but there was always a crowd there, so if you wish to go there, please come earlier to reserve your place, or else, just stand there and wait.

we were there for about 2 hours, not just only eating but taking pictures.
yea, i know you might feel about annoying because the characters still remain the same, just that we had switched to different places, which means, only the backgrounds is different.

paiseh la ><
we all are 自恋狂, like to snapshot like nobody business.

this is our way, rocks!


My Profile said...

lol. MNG white singlet. lol

Leanne said...

ada apa masalah?