Friday, August 6, 2010

It's weekend people! yea, i'm kinda looking forward to weekend because i can have a good rest or perhaps some dates with friends.

finally i'm done with the interview for the critical thinking assignments.
a big thank you to my sister-in-law for helping me to get the company or else, i don't know how i gonna finish my assignment.
well, i have to finish the reports and send it to the girl on Sunday =)

i had my critical thinking test yesterday right after the interview.
i done badly in the test!
when i get my paper, i stunned for about a few minutes, looking at the paper and said whatdahell the question is. Yea, it's hard!
being down for the whole night just because of this!!
i told myself i have to struggle hard for this subjects and of course accounts too!
i don't want to get C for this 2 subjects!

hmm, going out with the guys tomorrow. Wanted to get something for myself.
directly means i feel like spending money.
woots =D

I wanted to buy a long black skirt and a pair of shoes.

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