Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life is kinda hectic.

It's almost 2am now and i'm still awake. how bad!
have been sleeping late for the pass 3 days for the critical thinking assignments.
this subject really screwed me up! but fortunately, we have done the assignment I. whee =D
i know assignment II is going to due soon but that might be abit easier, so........no worries!

next week is bad. i have to sit for the lab test again =(
i skipped 1 class and i don't know what the heck it is now, gonna do revision or else, my 15 marks gone!
i want to get the 15 marks so so so badly!
other than that, got to settle down my IS assignment, i know i'm going to have big trouble real soon.

一句话 : 没眼看!

Oh yea, ptptn loan finally got approved. I was freaking mad when i first knew my loan has been rejected. luckily, system error!

i still believe that MALAYSIA akan BOLEH.

i miss this place very muchie

last but not least, my long fringe :(
can you please grow abit longer and faster?

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