Sunday, August 29, 2010

hahahahaha =p finally, finally.............................
get my fringe back. i can no longer clip my hair everyday & everytime i wanna go out!
from now onwards, i would never change my hairstyle so often.

Quoted from my sister : "你 geh pattern 中多过 badminton!"

i'm so excited right now. not just because of this, but the others.
i'm so going to met my beloved lao po, fiona loo tomorrow.
yea, finally can ditch her out for a date, i'm kinda looking forward though =)

miss her to the max!! ♥

did nothing during this weekend. no one dates me when i'm in ipoh.
how sad =(
doesn't matter lah, i enjoyed my time with my family.
mommy said she will keep my secrets but in fact, she told the others =(


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