Tuesday, August 31, 2010

As mentioned on the previous post, i met with my dearie Fiona at MidValley this afternoon.
i was late because i missed the train >.<
finally got to met up with her after high school, it's about a year since i last met her. yea, too bad!

chilled at Sushi Zanmai, Gardens with her and her friend, Pearle :)

few types of sushi that we ordered

my set of ramen

fiona's cold soba. this is superb niceeeee!

my 1st green tea ice-cream

as usual, keep updating our current life. the 1st question she asked was "Do you have a boyf? " LOL

she's currently studying in Segi University College while i'm studying in Multimedia University.we both did the same course!
in a blinking of eyes, we are already in university, time passes way too fast!
i knew this girl for.......almost 8/9 years

she looks more gorgeous seriously. i had a great time with her this afternoon.
this kind of outing is more to come!

*pictures are all in pearle's camera =(

alright, time for my last assignment in this bloody hell semester.
can anyone of you motivate me?
I'm lazy and i feel super duper quadruple hungry right nowwwww.

it's 3.35am now, not forgetting about my country's birthday.
Happy Birthday Malaysia, please love me more =p

Sunday, August 29, 2010

hahahahaha =p finally, finally.............................
get my fringe back. i can no longer clip my hair everyday & everytime i wanna go out!
from now onwards, i would never change my hairstyle so often.

Quoted from my sister : "你 geh pattern 中多过 badminton!"

i'm so excited right now. not just because of this, but the others.
i'm so going to met my beloved lao po, fiona loo tomorrow.
yea, finally can ditch her out for a date, i'm kinda looking forward though =)

miss her to the max!! ♥

did nothing during this weekend. no one dates me when i'm in ipoh.
how sad =(
doesn't matter lah, i enjoyed my time with my family.
mommy said she will keep my secrets but in fact, she told the others =(


Friday, August 27, 2010

This is an expired post which i should update on last Wednesday but i left it "un-post" until now.
alright, nothing special happened on Wednesday. this day used to me my very free day because normally i will have 3 hours break before my management class. i don't know its fortunate/unfortunate, my management lecturer took leave on wednesday and guess what, i had 7 hours break!!!
*smash forehead*

if not because of the critical thinking presentation, i would definitely skip the early class and choose to bed at home. unfortunately, i got not choice =(
as usual, woke up early in the 7am and get prepared for my presentation at 9am. hmm, this presentation was kinda good! simply because we got lots of feedback from the others *winks*
thought of going midvalley to have some movie/shopping but ended up with something that i don't like =(

see wei aka ah moi

hui qi & see wei

right after the presentation, we had our breakfast in Thai Cuisine which located in CyberJaya.
food was quite big in size (for me) and price was quite reasonable. after taken our breakfast, the girl and i got to prepare for the interview in Shah Alam. that's what i mentioned "the things that i don't like" just now.
that place is sooooooo far! again, if not for the assignment, if not for i can't get a better company, i would more likely to choose somewhere near to my campus, i'm kinda lazy to travel that far!

We interviewed the UMW Corporation corporate admin officer for about an hour. thanks to 1 of my group member,Shera for getting his dad permission to spare us some time for the interview.
Interview had been done smoothly =)

had KFC with Kiat & Frog after we got back to campus. Yehh, i found someone who did the same course as mine. before the maths class, the girl and I were kinda boring and we started to take all sorts of pictures outside the classroom. hahahaha =p

my IS group member. he's 27 years old. the 1st guy that made me OMG!


nothing more to add on,that's all for the post.
goodnite peeps

Monday, August 23, 2010

Everyone needs love, agree with me?
something came into my mind now, who loves me?

yea,of course i knew there are lots people out there loves me.
my parents, my bro sis, friends & etc...
same goes to me, i love them with all my ♥.
OMG! full tank some more.

but what about my partner?
yea, still a big question mark for this.
i'm searching my Mr.Right.

i'm selfish! hmm,should be i'm always that selfish....

please give me all your loves before i give you because i don't want to be the one who hurts lot.
besides, i'm greedy! i will request much much more even it's already more than enough.

i need xxx to pamper me like a princess. i say yes, he will just follow.
i need xxx who will auto-saved whatever i mentioned in front of him.
i need xxx who will care me more then he cares himself.
i need xxx who will always made me put on a big wide smile on my face,not cry.

OMG! it's like i'm so desperate for love?
not really. i've enough love at least for now.

Who loves me?
Answer: ME

Saturday, August 21, 2010

30 days - Justin Lo (侧田)


I'll give my life to bear you in every way
For i have noting left to be here on this Earth today


无限大 - Justin Lo ( 侧田)

You Are My Everything Everything
只要你愉快 何妨目光遠大

My Everything Everything

You Are My Everything Everything
只有你愉快 才是值得放大

My Everything Everything

the songs that i used to listen everyday recently.
enjoy to d max!

i should be in the camp right now but due to some circumstances, i couldn't attend.
hmm, i wasted the chance to have fun :(
and sorry Wilson, i ffk you. i'm sure you are not alone, my spirit is here to support you.
Jiayou :)

somehow, i'm pretty sure i'll be back next year.
waittt me !

tomorrow got to back ipoh to do my ptptn thingy.
kinda mafan and i have to skip all my classes on Monday and Tuesday!
deejay test might delay too. Grrrrr...........

i enjoyed my dinner in Ole-Ole Bali yesterday freaking much.
i'm pretty satisfied & happy after the meal.
woots =D

Friday, August 20, 2010

Yea, the bloody week 10 has finally over! *screammmmmmmmmmmm*
i have been suffering for this 5 days continuously and i've to bear with all sorts of problems by myself.

Lab test - done
Accounting midterm - done

Information System Assignment -done
Information System Presentation - done

Critical Thinking Assignment II - in progress
Critical Thinking Assignment II Presentation - 25/8/2010

Deejay On air Test - not a big deal

Management Assignment II - haven't start yet

last Thursday right after the accounts midterm, i went over to the girl house to finish our IS assingment & presentation slides. had our supper in mamak and she recommended roti salad to me.
that's new to me because i just & only prefer roti pisang all this while. hmm, tasted quite good.
i will go and have a 2nd try next time :)
the next morning, the girl brought me for dimsum somewhere nearby Sunway.

btw, i still prefer ipoh's dimsum :)

the sucky information system assignments & presentation has been done this afternoon.
this assignments really drove me crazy. yea,thanks to my brilliant group members, the 3 guys!
i can no longer text them for meeting, discussion or what dy. how happy i am?
but something that out of my expectation was they did a splendid job during our presentation, totally freaked me out! the girl & I did surprised by them.
still, thank you for giving the full co-operation to me.

the workloads are getting lesser and lesser and when it comes to week 13, time for struggling! i'm now thinking where to go during my sem-break!
guess i'm really looking forward to have holidays and tones of fun that i will have.

I M Y :(

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

being down in the morning because of the lab test & the management midterm results!
chinese normally called it as 双重打击. yea, i'm the victim.
not to say i done it very badly, just that i can't forgive myself for getting this kind of not-so good/not-so-bad results.
the more i aimed, the more i hurt :(

got to settle my ptptn stuff within this week but seriously i got no time to go back.
i'm going to attend the famine 30 activities in campus this weekend.
if i'm going back to ipoh, i must be back before tuesday because there will be a test for deejay.
arghhh, why so many test? even deejay also have test =.="

what to do now? i just can't focus on my accounts now.
when i need someone to talk with, no one out there! i texted, no reply!
i thought you will be the one, but i realize, you are not.

the best way to stop myself from emo-ing is to sleep.
goodnight bloggie, you're always the best listener!

i love you!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

went to Justin Lo (侧田) 2010 concert in Genting yesterday.
that was my very 1st concert. I went to few orchestra concerts before but to this kind of celebrities concert, i have never go before :(

i followed sister's car to S.wang before headed to Genting.
we departed around 3+pm and reached 1st world around 4+pm.
a good friend of mine, Angie and his boyf Michael went to the concert too.
i decided to join them instead of my bro & sis.

bro bought the cheapest ticket(blue zone) but i seated in the yellow zone, which was slightly expensive than the blue one.
well, got to say thank you to the girl & boy for reserving the place.

before the concert, angie, mic and I dined in Vietnamese House for dinner. I like their food very much and the price was reasonable.

the concert started at 830pm sharp. He isn't handsome compare with other singers but as you all know, he owned a great voice.
i enjoyed myself to the max in the concert.
the part that i like the most was the dancing part.
he danced "Nobody - Wonder Girls" and "Sorry Sorry - Super Junior".

赞 赞 赞 赞

concert ended after 2 hours, so fast :(
i thought the concert will ends around 11+pm, who knows 1030pm ended already.
sis said probably he fall sick,so the concert ends earlier :(
overall still pretty awesome. *thumbs up*

after the concert, we thought of going Starbuck but too bad, lots people queing up so ended up with McDonald.
surprisingly, eqing was in Genting together with his family too.
yea, i don't know this girl is studying in kampar or kl or what. always ran to kl, ipoh then now genting! but still i'm happy to see her :)

walked around and enjoyed the not-so-cold air there until 1+am.
bought a rose designed ring to myself only.
spent a lot recently and i bought 9 pairs of earrings in Sunway Pyramid last night. =.="
i know it is a bit over! >.<

Question : Why weekends always ended up so fast? I have to wait for another week :(

Friday, August 13, 2010

B'day post - Wingfei Chan

It's Chan Wing Fei big day!
happy 19th birthday handsome :)

the b'day boy came all the way from kampar to kl to met up his girl and us.
Wilson suggested to celebrate his b'day in Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid since none of us go there before.
wingfei waited me in sentral and we both met up with wilson later too in the lrt station.

surprisingly, we met Wei Liong in Kelana Jaya LRT station.
seriously miss this guy very much.
he used to be my maid when i was in utar :)
he decided to tag along since he got nothing to do also.

so,it has been a few months since i went to Sunway.
the last time i went there was Ole-Ole Bali i think.
since the b'day boy and I haven't take our meal, we decided to J.Co before going to shop around.

after about an hour, we met up in Fullhouse and here goes about the celebration.
we enjoyed the dinner very much. the environment was pretty awesome, food was good, everything was just fine.

i'm acutally quite envy with WingFei & Yily, they are just so so so sweet

Wilson, Wei Liong and I brought a cake in Bread Story for the b'day boy.
we took numbers of pictures.
we had a great moment out there

* some of the random photos*

menu, so cute!

b'day boy


my so-called maid in UTAR

not to left out him, Wilson Mah

We are the b'day boy special guest ♥

cherry in yellow? =.="

the hat doesn't suits us, i know.

玉女心经 vs 葵花宝典 vs 如来神掌

the group pic before we left

p/s: to view more pictures, kindly visit my facebook.

met a friend of mine in Utar before headed back home.
Steven Chang,lama tak jumpa!

oh yea, before i ended this post, i would like to tell you guys that : "i kena tipu 10 ringgit hari ini, babi betul! "