Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Management mid-term had just pass but quiz, exams, assignments & presentations are approaching soon. I bet it's time to work hard again!

the previous post is quite emo, sorry for being like that. that's the other side of me, the one who used not to be me. good or bad? depends.

hmm, i forgot to blog about my cousin's wedding which is on last last week.
mum & dad took train to tampin and i laughed at dad because he has not been to tampin for 25 years and this was his 1st time taking train with mum after 25 years too.
since now i'm studying in kl, mum & dad got more time to go for a date, that's great!
i'm no longer the 电灯盏 =)

okay, i actually got not much to write about because it was a very random wedding dinner where everyone came back and gathered together. I can meet with my cousie and my little niece and nephew =)

and of course, i'm glad to see the sweet spouse being with each other at last. it's not easy to become couples and of course, it's not easy to get marry with each other too.
so, do appreciate your loved one & pamper them with all your ♥♥♥

let's picture draw on my post.

michael & winnie

my lovely cousie

aunt, pretty right? 优良品种

my 小舅父, used to joke with me

that's all about this post. I felt at least a bit happier now compare to just now.
thanks bloggie, you are my ever best friends, listener.
i will share everything with you.

I ♥ blogging.
Nobody gonna love me baby, i will stickwitu forever.

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