Sunday, July 11, 2010

I have been listening 骚动情歌( sang by 张敬轩) for 362726467 times.=.="
Awww, it's kinda nice! the lyrics is very meaningful and i really really like it =)

我虔诚爱你,以灵魂骚动你 .....

friends come around goes around, but true friend will always be there for you when you need them. even though they aren't here, i can feel them. ♥

我最讨厌喜新厌旧的人,最讨厌见利忘义的人's very unfortunate to met you!
i wondered isit i'm being too impatient? Ughhhhhh.......feels so bad.

forgive me for being a bit 语无伦次 here, i don't know what i'm typing too!

1 comment:

henry said...

you are a typical sagi.

can never know what you are thinking. =.=

if didnt read ur blog, didnt know you got so much feelings.

cheer up ya. =)