Friday, July 30, 2010


Finally i get to watch this movie which was strongly recommended by the medias, friends and face-bookers?

This movie was kinda awesome!
Leonardo DiCaprio is so cool man. He doesn't steal things but ideas by projecting himself into the subconscious of his targets and bla bla bla.
sounds real cool. steals ideas through dreams? OMG!
hmm, the story line was so attractive.
although it's a bit too hard for me to understand but overall still gonna gives a thumbs up for this movie.

i watched this with Ding in Jusco on Tuesday and both of us planned to watch this again if it's possible. Ding planned to watch 2 movies but ended up with only this movie because i'm rushing back home. SORRY ><



Went for facial today and bought myself a cleanser.
and now, i'm broke =(



29/7/2010 -30/7/2010

YES! finally managed to back kampar to visit my ex-housemates & friends.
thought of giving them surprises with bob & yenwei but the girl couldn't join us. how sad =(

i knew i went there in the wrong time because they got pretty lots work to do. exams, assignments, presentation.......sorry! should have not disturb you guys.
of course, mamak is a must and roti pisang is a MUST to myself.
i miss the roti pisang so much as well as the ramli burger.
but since i promised myself no burger for a month so bye-bye la.

alright, i'm blogging at my house, A big thank you to Mr.Voon Kean for being that kind to me.
he treats everyone so well as well as me.

thanks for lending me your broadband!

Internet kills my boredom.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hi peeps. I'm currently staying in Ipoh for my 1 week break.
well, i'm having my own sweet time here although there is lots work to be done.
yea, so let's wait how i gonna suffer when i back to kl, back to cyber and back to mmu. =(

so,i were in ipoh last friday night and probably going back to kl on Sunday or perhaps Monday.
i thought of going back earlier to study but i was kinda ng sie dek ipoh la. =(
kl don't know what to do other than shopping? no! not for know because i'm kinda broke!

well, let's back to Saturday. I dated some friends to Bon Odori which was held Meru Valley.
i went for this activities twice a month, 1 in Shah Alam while the other 1 is in Ipoh.
i wondered what makes me so excited for this event. seriously, no reason! just wanna go there have a look, that's all.

So, six of us ( me, eqing, junyi,boon, mic & angie) went together. I'm so sorry guys, it's just so disappointing after we have been there. HAIZ =(
anyway, we still managed to join the dancing part and the firecrackers.

*pic stolen from eqing's blog

after about half an hour, we left and headed to Tambun MCD.
okay, i ate burger for the freaking 5th/6th time within a week! Arghh.
so, from now on, say no to burger for a month. kinda phobia to burger, ham & sausages recently =(


each of us was busy updating each other life's in university, kinda interesting man!
i want to back kampar, i want, i want!

Thursday, July 22, 2010



烦 =(






Wednesday, July 21, 2010

无聊的 wed-nes-day

It's Wednesday people. i'm going back to Ipoh on Friday, 2 more days to go =)
i'm going to spend my 1 week so-called midterm holiday with my family & of course my friends.
i have to make sure that i will fully utilize my day doing some activities, whatever can be.
so, date me if you're free =D

back to the topic, see wei & i went to Alamanda again.
Yes, that's the place where both of us used to spent for our freaking 3 hours long break every Wednesday. no any other places better than this seriously.

Cyber very siennnnnnn.

the little girl complaint that she doesn't like to hang out with me =(
she said she will definitely ended up buying something when i were there. hahahahs
okay, sounds abit weird. but no doubt, that is true!
i always convince her to buy different type style of clothes.

this time we both spent about an hour in Nichii looking for some nice clothes.

*random pictures*

I like to act different stupid faces

maths class got cancelled so i back home at 6pm today. Woots =)

recently i was like having burger-fever? i took at least 1 burger a day. i don't know what's going on to me. i know i should stop taking this kind of fattening foods.
Ughh =.="


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Management mid-term had just pass but quiz, exams, assignments & presentations are approaching soon. I bet it's time to work hard again!

the previous post is quite emo, sorry for being like that. that's the other side of me, the one who used not to be me. good or bad? depends.

hmm, i forgot to blog about my cousin's wedding which is on last last week.
mum & dad took train to tampin and i laughed at dad because he has not been to tampin for 25 years and this was his 1st time taking train with mum after 25 years too.
since now i'm studying in kl, mum & dad got more time to go for a date, that's great!
i'm no longer the 电灯盏 =)

okay, i actually got not much to write about because it was a very random wedding dinner where everyone came back and gathered together. I can meet with my cousie and my little niece and nephew =)

and of course, i'm glad to see the sweet spouse being with each other at last. it's not easy to become couples and of course, it's not easy to get marry with each other too.
so, do appreciate your loved one & pamper them with all your ♥♥♥

let's picture draw on my post.

michael & winnie

my lovely cousie

aunt, pretty right? 优良品种

my 小舅父, used to joke with me

that's all about this post. I felt at least a bit happier now compare to just now.
thanks bloggie, you are my ever best friends, listener.
i will share everything with you.

I ♥ blogging.
Nobody gonna love me baby, i will stickwitu forever.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blog is always the best way to express my feeling when there is no one out there for you to talk with!

i knew recently i'm being a bit too emo down but i don't wish that too. tell me who doesn't wants happiness? everyone's need it!

Just wanna mop off those stupid idiot thingy in my minds.
they just keep flashing in front of me, bothering me. Aww, it's terribly annoying!
i wish i have a pause delete buttons to delete something from my mind.

How great if there is something like that.
give it to me please =(

Friday, July 16, 2010


Wishing you guys do well in your mid-term tomorrow.

i knew you guys got to sit 3 papers within a day. kesian betul !
bet you all must be studying like mad,burned a lot of midnight oil right? okay, that's very random, i used to do it too before exam. HAHA
but seriously i know you guys can make it very very well =)

all the best my friends, 你们行的, jiayou

i just knew that McDonald is going to be in kampar very soon, what a great news for kamparian!
i knew it's totally non-of-my-business but seriously, i'm excited for it for don't know why.
i used to crave for mcd when i was in kampar. sometimes we even purposely called someone to deliver mcd all the way from ipoh to kampar. LOL.

Anyhow, miss you guys pretty lots. Will be back to kampar real soon.
Wait for me kayy?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm here to update my blog, do not wish to see my blog like dye-fish.
well, life getting busier and i'm quite enjoy actually, at least better then doing nothing out there.
i wanna make myself more and more busy & get more and more works to do.

i had my macromedia lab test yesterday and i did quite well =) such a great news for the computer nerd, ME! Weee =D
basically, all those computer based subjects are my weakest subjects! so, pardon me for having a very little knowledge about this.

oh ya, fyi, i passed my interview session for deejay and from this week onwards, i will be on air on every Tuesday 2pm-3pm.
for your extra information, i am the members of Cantonese slot, 广东台 =)

Slogan: Radio MMU, 我们的歌曲,我们的话题.........
一句话 : 很爽下 !

i just realized it's actually week 6 now, time passes real fast. i will be having my 1 week mid-term break after week 7. however, i got to spend my holidays with my books =(
seriously hates accounts,accounts just ain't my cup of tea!!
i can spent 2 hours just by doing the stupid adjustment! foundation did accounts & cost accounts and when i came to degree, still have to learn accounts!!! why laa?

i got to re-aply my ptptn again. Whatdahell! I wondered why the government always change their policies? Ughh, sick of it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I have been listening 骚动情歌( sang by 张敬轩) for 362726467 times.=.="
Awww, it's kinda nice! the lyrics is very meaningful and i really really like it =)

我虔诚爱你,以灵魂骚动你 .....

friends come around goes around, but true friend will always be there for you when you need them. even though they aren't here, i can feel them. ♥

我最讨厌喜新厌旧的人,最讨厌见利忘义的人's very unfortunate to met you!
i wondered isit i'm being too impatient? Ughhhhhh.......feels so bad.

forgive me for being a bit 语无伦次 here, i don't know what i'm typing too!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Uni's life so far is still that bored. =(

I'm actually doing my revision for my macro media because i got my lab test on next tuesday.
to ensure that i'm not going to fail this subject, i really try my very very best to fall in love with "him". for you guys, might be easy but for me, sien + hard !
and whatdahell happened is I'm the assignment group leader for this subject.

Why me? 为什么是我? =(
my weakest subject, even worst then accounts.
to made myself feels better, i told myself since i was selected, i'm going to take the responsibilities right? so, i hope there's a miracle happened on me.

p/s: going to attend cousin's wedding dinner in Tampin tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

* cut my fringe, now very short =( not niceee!

I'm done with my 1st presentation, overall, not bad.
there is a lot of work awaiting me, so i cannot be lazy anymore! this is just a simple reminder for myself in order to work hard.

i went for deejay interview session this afternoon which is an on-air interview!
i got to say that it's truly fun!
i knew some of you might think what's so fun right? it's like syok sendiri. Okay, for some of you, maybe yes; but for me, i definitely like ♥ this!

i didn't know i got to prepare something/topic before this interview. I went there without anything on my mind and i saw the girl next to me holding some kind of notes and busy memorizing? Zzz..
whatever la, it's non of my matters also. basically i just randomly talked, just talked whatever i like =)
for me, that's a good experience!

so, let's see whether i can become a so-call deejay or not. Waiting for their confirmation on this coming friday! Wish me all the best =)

p/s: Special thanks to Mr.Lee for always accompany me in campus, loitering around, bla bla bla.. & Mr. Tan for his pepper spray! thank youuu =)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Spot the polka dots

I can't sleep so i came here to type something. Nothing to share with you guys, sorry!
seriously don't know what to share also =(

i'm going to have my 1st presentation tomorrow.
well, this is definitely not my 1st time to do this but it's definitely my 1st presentation in my new campus.
it's actually an informal presentation which contributed just a few marks but who cares?
as long as it is my work, i have to do it right?

So, wish me all the best kayy? Good Night =)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Everything happened with a reason.
so, you yourself must identify what's the reason is.
i don't wish to have any misunderstanding.
thank you!

Quoted from Eqing's blog : Girl will never say what they want to guys, so try to know what they want!
personally like this very muchh! yea, that's girl.

that's all!
Wilson mah & Lim jun yi, i wanna met you both!