Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Orientation week, suck!

I think i have abandoned my blog for quite some time.
It's time for me to update. First, I would like to blog about my orientation in MMU, Cyber.

I bet you guys must be very excited what's actually happening on me right?
Ok,tell you now! It's nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think i went for a camp, not orientation.
i'm getting so regret once i entered the hall =(

Oh ya, before i start, I shall remind you, this gonna be a long post, full of complaint!
maybe you don't like my way, if you really don't, just click "x" on your top right. Thank youuu!

I woke up very early on Sunday's morning, and actually i'm rushing from Ipoh all the way to Cyber just to register my course.
Registration started from 830am-12pm and i arrived at 10+am. There is a crowd once i entered the MPH hall. students, parents, childrens ....... due to my incomplete information, i was wearing a very ugly Student ID without any picture on that. HAHAHS.

i queued up for a long time to settle my thing. When i think i'm going to finish everything, the OC came and called me to register for my hostel. I was like "har? i'm not staying in hostel, why i register worr?". Fyi, newbies are going to stay in hostel for free during the orientation. Believe me, you wouldn't want to stay there but seriously i got NO CHOICE !!

And here, my nightmare begins ..............................

Orientation should be very happy, relax right? while mine is like JAIL. We got to wake up early in the 530 am to get prepare. ARE YOU CRAZY?
It's fine to wake up early but there is one thing i really couldn't bear with it. There is a so-called Discipline Masters who in charge on the rules & regulations during the orientation. Let me tell you, there is few rules that makes me OMG.

(i) no accessories ( bracelet, ring, earing..)
(ii) no long & color nails =.="
(iii) hairband must be in dark color ( i wore yellow, got caught)

(iv) no fancy color t-shirt
(vi) no round-neck skirt
(vi) for guys, no side burn/mustache/beard & front hair cannot cover your face

(vii) for girls, long hair must be tied
(viii) shoes must be black, no any others are allowed
(xi) no slippers, no crocs, heels must less than 2 inch =.="""
. . . . . . .

still long to go! don't you think i'm in a camp? ALAMAK.

the Discipline Masters always showed their very serious face, i don't see them smile even ONCE! lan cool gam. However, something that at least cheer me back is the Orientation Committee (OC) . They treat us very nice. they taught us our university's song, freshie's song, games, dances ...........

the orientation is actually last for 5 days but i quit after 2nd days. Yea, that's why i can online & blog it here! HAHAS =D
I'm truly exhausted. Monday woke up at 545am then 1am only managed to bed. We played station games until 1am. I don't mind to play games but i don't like those games with flour, kicap, eggs & MUDS! It's weird when they poured it on your face, your body! it's very sticky, very dirty, very UNCOMFORTABLE!

late comers will be punish even you're late for 1 minutes.
attire is very strict. a friend of mine wore black skirts (those you wear it during presentation) , she got caught because she wear a skirt. the skirt is until knee-length & the book just mentioned about miniskirts, do you guys expect we know other skirt is not allow too? They made my friend cried. So bad. Hate you DM! You're cold-blooded.

I got to emphasize that i'm studying in UNIVERSITY, not primary/secondary school.
orientation week should be very happy but you guys made us so tired. we slept for maximum 3 1/2 hours.

I'm not happy at all. You disappointed me a lot.
I loves UTAR more.



Jusb said...

Wow this sounds like Form 6.

kar boon said...

wth is wrong with ur school...LOL...it's more strict than a secondary school...it's lik an independent school with it's own regulations...
i tink i will become mad if i was there..

Yewzlee said...
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henrytan said...

lol. hmmmm. ok. haha.

hopefully as time goes by, u will love MMU too. =)