Monday, June 7, 2010

My class officially started today and i attended my 1st class in my new campus this morning.
I attended 2 lecturers today which is Information System with Multimedia & Financial Accounting. 1st class started on 9am and i finished my classes at 1pm.
tutorials will be as usual, it's just going to start on next week.
so, tomorrow i got no class 好嘢 =D

So far everything is quite good perhaps it's just the beginning of the journey? Hopefully everything goes smoothly.
i'm glad that mine faculty is quite new & nice compare with the others faculty. facilities are all NEW, unlike the engineering faculty, quite chan. LOL!

I went back home myself by buses. YES, so far that's my only transport to back home. Again, i have to waitttt. the bus late for about an hour. Zzzzzzz........
this time i become smarter, i remember to bring along my earphone. i can listen my favourite songs using my new babyy ( Nokia X6) .

Oh ya, i changed a new cell phone on Sunday. I trade in my SE W660i and bought in the Nokia X6.
at first i didn't thought of buying any nokia phone because i prefer SE more. but lastly, SE phone that i like is quite expensive so i took nokia. Surprisingly, nokie phone isn't that bad, just maybe the camera resolution isn't that good as compare to SE.

我超喜欢我的新宝贝 ♥


Jerome said...

where do u study??

Blurry Leanne。彦仪 said...

i'm in mmu now.